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When it comes to having a baby, we can all use every bit of help that we can get. Because of this, products like Volume Pills can be found all over the Internet. Actually, what a product like this can do for sperm count is why they tend to be so popular. Before considering the use of a product like this, it is a good idea to look further into how it works, what is in it, whether it is safe, and how affordable it is. Following is everything that you need to know about Volume Pills in order to make an educated decision as to whether or not they are right for you.

How Does it Work?

Volume Pills is made up of all natural ingredients that you can feel good about. These ingredients works together in syngery to bring you a lot of benefits. First and foremost, this product works to increase sexual desire, stamina, and enjoyment. It also works to increase your semen count which makes it necessary to orgasm harder, longer, and more intensely.

As you can see, there is a lot that Volume Pills has to live up to. These pills are also well know for safely increasing blood flow to the penis and increasing testosterone in general. This is a product that has been approved and recommended by many doctors because of its safety.


Volume Pills are made of 100% natural, herbal ingredients so you can feel good about using them. Many of the ingredients used in this product have been used for thousands of years to help increase sexual satisfaction. The major ingredients found in the product include:


This is an herb that has been proven to help increase sexual motivation and improve performance. A compound found in Solidin is also known as a precursor to dopamine which is thought to improve your mood.

Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen

These both work to open up the blood vessels which in turn promotes greater blood flow to the penis. These herbs also help to reduce the outflow of blood which means a longer, harder erection for you.

Ku Gua

This ingredient has been proven to increase testosterone levels consistently. In addition, Ku Gua is a great source of vitamin C, and has been proven to decrease fat levels in the body which aids in maintaining high levels of testosterone.

San Guo Mu

This ingredient is included in Volume Pills because it helps to pace the body which means longer lasting sex. Used for cardiovascular health, San Guo Mu regulates the major functions of the body for sexual sustainability.

Zinc Oxide

Because Zinc is an important aspect of testosterone metabolism, it is an essential addition to Volume Pills. Zinc is also known to increase sexual vigor. Adult bodies contain a very small amount of this mineral. This trace mineral is second only to iron in its concentration in the human body. Zinc is found in cells through the body. This mineral is needed for the body’s immune system to work properly.

Low levels of zinc accelerate aging. This mineral is an excellent antioxidant because it removes free radicals that cause damage to cells in the body, by bonding and neutralizing them. The human body needs to fight free radicals produced internally as well as free radicals coming from environmental pollution, smoking, etc. The best way to get the daily requirements of zinc is to have a balanced diet, principally seafood (oysters), beef, lamb, chicken, nuts, oatmeal, and legumes (peas and beans).

Ling Zhi

Yet another ingredient that helps to improve sexual stamina, Ling Zhi also works to provide a boost in your overall energy, strengthen immune system, and enhance sex drive in men and women.  As you can see, all of the ingredients found in Volume Pills are all natural, and provide a specific use within the product. In fact this product was made in labs by a private team of medical doctors in addition to the best sexual experts out there.


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Volume Pills:

How Long Before Results are Seen?

The bottom line is that men everywhere are happy with the results that they are getting from Volume Pills. Because they are made with all natural ingredients that have proven effects within the body, it is virtually impossible not to get results from using the product on a regular basis. It usually takes an average of 30 to 60 days to see the results that you are no doubt looking for.

Recommended Dosage

All you do is take two pills a day. It is quick, simple, and provides plenty of enjoyment from the process. Since they are taken as a daily supplement once each morning and once each evening, it really is just a matter of making it a habit.

Tips for Best Results

If you are currently on any medication your first port of call is to read the leaflet that comes with them and see if they have any negative side effects or if they can affect sperm production. If there is any indication that it may, or if you are unsure then you need to discuss with your doctor any alterative medication options that maybe available to you without these side effects.


Cleaning up your lifestyle is very important. Cut down your alcohol consumption and stop smoking, discontinue use of recreational drugs, even drugs like marijuana that are known to decrease sperm count by up to 50%


Start and eat a healthy balanced diet, this will provide the vitamins and minerals you may currently be lacking from your diet. Foods that increase sperm production include red pepper, carrots, and oatmeal. Testosterone increasing foods include eggs, turkey, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, corn, yogurt.

Try and avoid sugars and bad fats as these can have a negative effect on sperm production. As with any nutrition plan it’s about moderation. Allow yourself treats but don’t overdo it.

Stress Less

Stopping stress in your life is easier said than done; however, stress does have a negative effect on sperm production. For this reason you need to try and remain as relaxed as possible. Even if you have a stressful job, make sure you have time where you can relax, whether you enjoy fishing or reading or just sitting watching TV. Using this time to unwind is good for you and good for your sperm!

The most important place to remain relaxed is in the bedroom. Try not to feel under pressure or inadequate when it comes to baby making with low sperm count.

Overall Score: B+

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