Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count

What are the known vitamins to increase sperm count? Among them include:

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body to increase sperm count. Aside from strengthening the immune system, Vitamin C also prevents the sperm from clumping. Sperm cells that are prone to clumping lose their motility and die out within a short period of time, as compared to healthy sperm which is more fertile and a longer lifespan. This vitamin is especially helpful for regular smokers who wish to increase sperm production as it can help to neutralize the chemicals in tobacco that enter the blood after smoking Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits are especially high in vitamin C. The recommended dosage of vitamin C is 1000 mg per day.

Vitamin E

While this vitamin is popular in improving female vitality, it is also important in boosting sperm count. It is actually one of the lesser known vitamins to increase sperm count, as studies linking Vitamin E to male infertility that have only been conducted recently. However, Vitamin E has been found effective in improving sperm lifespan; it also protects the head of the sperm from dehydrating, allowing it to stay nourished and healthy at all times.

Vitamins B6 and B12

Vitamins B6 and B12 are also essential for good reproductive health in men and women. Vitamin B12 is especially important for men who need to increase sperm production. The recommended dosage of vitamin B6 is up to 50 mg per day, and the recommended dosage for vitamin B12 is up to 50 mcg per day.


Selenium is a trace element and antioxidant that is commonly found in fish, mushrooms, eggs and meat. It helps the body in many ways, including boosting protein absorption and increasing blood circulation. In terms increasing sperm count, selenium serves as an antioxidant together with Vitamin C, and it helps lengthen the lifespan of the sperm and protects it from malnourishment.

You can obtain selenium from red meat, fish and chicken. Bread, enriched pasta and other foods made from whole grains are also good sources of selenium. The recommended dosage of selenium is between 55 and 100 mcg per day.


Also included in the list of vitamins to increase sperm count, zinc is known for helping the testicles produce more sperm and bring back motility. This mineral is likewise effective in keeping consistent blood flow and circulation especially in the reproductive system, making the penis more capable of functioning better, and for longer periods of time while boosting testosterone production. You can obtain dietary zinc primarily from meat and seafood, although whole grains such as pumpkin seeds and wheat germ. The recommended dosage of zinc for adult males is between 15 and 30 mg per day.


Folate is a B-vitamin that helps promote protein absorption in the testicular area. By being able to utilize protein, the penis and testicles are able to function better and produce more sperm in the long run. Folate can be found in red meat, as well as in seafood, and animal liver.

L-carnitine and L-arginine

L-carnitine and L-argninine meanwhile are trace amino acids which can be found mostly in fruits and vegetables. They help in strengthening the cell structure of the sperm and at the same time prevent it from clumping. It is best to pair these amino acids with Vitamin C to further prevent clumping issues and allow the sperm to develop in healthier and more relaxed manner.

L-arginine is most common in red meat, eggs and nuts such as sesame seeds. Good sources of L-carnitine include red meat and milk. These amino acids do not have recommended daily dosages, but they are commonly available in nutritional supplements.

Folic Acid

Folic acid supplements for women are well known for preventing birth defects such as spina bifida. This nutritional supplement will also increase sperm production and the quality of the sperm in men. Natural sources of folic acid consist primarily of dark green leafy vegetables. The minimum recommended dosage of folic acid is 400 mcg per day.

Using sperm pills to increase sperm count and volume

True, these vitamins and minerals can be found in various food sources, thus it is important to improve your diet choices in order to utilize these nutrients at the soonest possible time. However, it is also understandable that making the big diet change can be difficult, and in order to support your journey towards better sperm count, sperm pills have been made available to meet your needs.

Sperm pills are supplements that contain substantial amounts of Vitamin C, E, folate, zinc, selenium and other important nutrients that help boost sperm production. They are not only used to increase sperm count alone; the same vitamins to increase sperm count are also the ones that improve sperm quality and motility. Through these supplements, sperm not only increases in number, but also becomes more fertile.

Taking vitamins to increase sperm count can be done at least once a day; they can be taken in the morning before breakfast, or at night before going to bed. These supplements prove to be useful especially when you are still getting used to your new diet, as they provide you with the necessary vitamins to increase sperm count even if you have not yet fully adjusted to your new lifestyle routines.

The effects of these vitamin supplements can be seen within just a few weeks of regular use. However, it is important that you follow prescribed lifestyle adjustments while taking these pills; keeping up with poor habits such as smoking and drinking, and the lack of exercise may only hinder the effects of these vitamin supplements from taking place.

It is best to take sperm pills alongside regular diet and exercise, as they boost not only the health of the sperm but as well as the person’s wellbeing. Men who take sperm pills are not only found to improve their sperm count, but are as well seen to have significant improvements in their mood, vitality and overall health.

Low sperm count is a common problem that can be resolved via simple solutions. Most of the causes of this condition are brought by poor lifestyle practices, and by changing your habits you will be able to see a significant improvement in your sperm count and volume, as well as your sexual drive and performance in bed.

Programs for Penis Enlargement

Recent independent clinical studies reported in scientific journals have demonstrated an amazing fact; significant penis enlargement can be achieved without surgery or special diet. The studies produced outstanding test results like these: all men participating in the studies achieved measurable increases in actual penis size; increases were of length and girth size; put an end to premature ejaculation, give you a prostate gland that will perform for you into your later years and get you ejaculating like a porn star!

In addition, other benefits were reported in the studies: increased fullness and firmness of the penis; spontaneous weight loss; smaller waistline and other positive changes such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you have ever thought that you would like to have a larger, firmer, fuller penis you owe it to yourself to learn about these easy, step-by-step methods.

There’s something very special about knowing that you look and feel your very best. There’s a special magic in moving easily, gracefully and feeling great. You will have an opportunity to explore the exciting new evidence for a new, simple method to help you achieve your personal penis development goals.

The methods described in this book can be used with complete confidence since it is a totally natural method of learning to improve your body with normal bodily processes and normal psychological processes. It maximizes your potential for change and improvement.

For years men have had two choices for penis enlargement: surgery or highly advertised gimmicks that are expensive, complicated and sometimes risky procedures and a sure road to disappointment.

Now for the first time there’s a method that’s so simple, so natural, so safe that men can use it at home and can enjoy the benefits of a larger penis and increased self-

Most people like to start a project quickly without fully understanding how it works. We suggest that you take a little time first to understand fully how this program works.

Follow the simple, relaxing, you learn by doing. The more you the more beneficial the results are make perfect and helpful procedures as practice these procedures, likely to be.

In the quest for a larger “package” millions of dollars have been spent on worthless and sometimes dangerous methods. And until now, the results have been largely disap- pointing. Penis pumps are a gimmick and have proven ineffective in increasing long term penis size. Magic “pills” are at most protein and enzyme supplements that simply fatten the whole body and at worst could be contaminated from unsterile manufacturing conditions.

The first important break through in natural penis enlargement is the role of circulation. Let’s go back in time to the period in your life when your penis was just beginning to really develop. The developmental stage in a young man’s life is a time of hectic physical, bio-chemical and emotional changes. And the demands for increased blood circulation in the developing areas of the body is at a peak. For the penis to grow and develop, proper blood circulation is vital. For it’s the blood that brings the essential chemicals and nutrients that stimulate growth.

The body selects and monitors the process of growth and circulation. If certain demands of the body are more important, those needs may be favored and the penis may be neglected. Without the right combination of nutritional and bio-chemical factors the penis may miss this unique opportunity to grow to its maximum potential.

For more than a decade scientists have been teaching people simple learning techniques for improving blood circulation to various parts of the body. These learning procedures are based on more than a decade of studies which demonstrate that individuals can learn to control blood flow, pulse ate, body temperature and many other body functions for- 1erly believed beyond human control.

Until recently, no one ever thought of applying these methods to the improvement of blood circulation to the penis area so that penis size could be increased even years after the normal developmental stage had passed.

Studies have shown that men can increase actual penis size by improving blood circulation to the penis area with simple, relaxing techniques. Consistent use of these methods produced outstanding test results.

The techniques not only increased penis size, but were effective in increasing fullness and firmness of the penis, educe premature ejaculation and in solving the problem of men who formerly had Erectile Dysfunction.

Other benefits were reported in the studies like the reduction of bulgy waistlines and a variety of positive effects n some other aspect of their lives. In one follow-up study of men who had their penis’s enlarged the men reported increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence and feeling happier in all areas of their lives including increased sexual satisfaction.

Program for Penis Enlargement

While the research studies are fascinating from an academic and scientific point of view, it is the potential of their practical application that is unique.

Fundamentally, the procedure involves basic learning processes. It is a psychological program not a medical one. To construct an effective and practical program requires expertise in psychology and an understanding of the nature of the mind/body relationship.

The issue of how the mind affects the body is one of the most fascinating problems in modern psychology. The mind/body relationship has been the focus of countless studies during the last half century. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that individuals can learn to control blood flow, pulse rate, body temperature and many other body functions.

Critical to many of these learning processes is the use of imagery, the visualization of mental pictures in a kind of play-acting scenario which performs on the movie screen of the mind. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that the subconscious mind reacts similarly to both the real experience and the visual imagery experienced in the mind alone.

An example of this is the effects of stress on an individual. The physical effects of a stressful situation, from increased secretions of hormones to other physiological responses are well known. What is interesting is that the physiological changes are produced by the particular individual’s perception of and reactions to what precipitates the stress.

Operationally, visualization utilizes the untapped potentials already in your mind — including how you think and how you imagine things will be. The process of vividly visualizing again and again and again, through the psychological learning techniques used in this book helps to tap these reserves which we already have in our own minds.

The visualizations help you to alter your internalized self-concept or your self-image. It’s this internal self-image that acts as a regulator to control your actions and activities. This regulator functions much like a thermostat to keep your performance within limited ranges. Without effective internal regulators most of us really change very little in our life- times. And that’s one reason why habits seem to be so difficult to break. We continually conform to our own internalized self-image.

For example, if we are overweight, we tend to stay overweight. And if we usually over-eat and eat the wrong kinds of foods, we tend to continue to do this. After all, that’s how we see ourselves, that’s part of our self-image. And everything that we do will be consistent with that image. Unless you change your self-image it is almost impossible to change your eating habits and to attain a permanent loss in weight. But once you have a achieved a realistic and positive self-image, you can quickly learn to do better.

Visualization works through utilizing effective learning procedures. You see, our minds exercise enormous powers over our lives. We can literally revolutionize our lives by learning to control our thinking. It has been proven time and time again that as individuals we’re literally becoming what our self-image suggests. Thoughts tend to become goals. When we recognize that our thoughts do become goals it becomes clear how easy it can be to defeat ourselves. Again you must first learn how to change your concept of yourself in order to actually change. Visual imagery through visual ‘ simulation techniques can promote that new self-concept.

However, positive thinking about your body image is not enough. That is why changing our inner motivation and our self-image can best be achieved by psychologically sound learning techniques.

It’s clear that improvements in the self-image can be of enormous benefit to any individual. The fact specific images used to increase circulation in the penis area provide the added benefit of helping to improve the self-image may be more than coincidental – they may be mutually supportive processes.

The key to self-improvement is to learn. This is vitally important since both self-image enhancement and improving circulation are concepts that do not respond readily to V conventional learning processes. The self-image often seems to be locked in and any attempts to actively change it seem to run into frequent barriers. Overcoming these barriers is a learning process that will lead to self-fulfillment

Penis Lengthening and Enhancement Options

For thousands of years. man has searched for those elusive herbs libido and penis and substances that can increase his potency, size. Cultures around the world claim success with various species of plants and herbs but so far none of these (to my knowledge)has the true capability of increasing the size of the penis.

The ancient Hindus proposed a unique recipe for enlarging the penis, while Africans claim success with local herbs. Perhaps there exists an obscure root, leaf. or bark in the deepest recesses of the Amazonian rain forest that holds the ultimate secrets to penis enlargement. Here are a couple of candidates that deserve further research:


I received a letter from a reader in New York who detailed a fascinating trip he made to Africa a few years back. While traveling in Liberia, he noticed that medicinal herbs were sold openly in the open-air marketplace. One of these, he was told, was a special herb that was used by natives for enlarging the penis. Known as “kushumit” or “kushuit” (depending on the local dialect) the herb is crushed with mortar and pestle and steeped in billing water. It is then drunk as a tea.


Another alleged penis enlargement substance hails from Sierra Leone in West Africa. Bonbon is also sold openly on the street by herbalists. This substance consists of a crushed root which is applied topically to the penis.


This substance hails from Haiti and consists of a grease which is applied to the penis. The reader who learned of Kakau discreetly asked a couple of Haitian cab drivers in New York if they had ever heard of this substance. Both laughed sheepishly and admitted that the preparation was very common in Haiti but no further information was given.

Conclusion: It would be exciting indeed if there were a bonafide substance (either taken internally or applied topically) that could truly enlarge the male organ. We simply don’t have enough information to draw conclusions yet. Please don’t write asking where you can obtain these substances. I just don’t know. If you have any knowledge of these, or any other such substances. please let me know so that we can conduct further research.

Genetic Manipulation

Penis size, like eye color, stature, build, and skin tone, is inherited. If your father or grandfather was hung, chances are that you are also well-endowed. The key to inherited penis size is locked up in the mysteries of DNA — that complex double helix of genetically-encoded information. Long stretches of DNA are identical in all people. After all, we all have ears, feet, kidneys, and so on. But specific strands of DNA vary dramatically from one individual to another. In these strands, short sequences of “junk DNA” appear.

These areas, whose functions are still not clearly understood, repeat themselves over and over like a broken record. In these highly variable regions we are able to identify the characteristics that distinguish one person from all others on the planet—hair and eye color, nose shape, blood type, height, and yes, penis size. Each individual (save for identical twins) has a unique “junk DNA” pattern. Forensic scientists now use these DNA prints (which can be isolated from a single drop of saliva, semen, or blood) as powerful tools to connect a suspected criminal to a particular crime.

Researchers have recently embarked upon one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken by man. Through international cooperation and the use of high—speed computers, scientists intend to create a comprehensive “gene map” or “encyclopedia” of the hundreds of thousands of genes that comprise DNA. When completed sometime in the next century, scientists will be able to identify the specific genes that contribute to hereditary diseases. In addition, we will know precisely which genes make our eyes blue, our hair curly, or cause freckles.

And yes, the DNA sequence that determines penis size will also be identified and genetic engineers may be able to custom manufacture a penis to your precise order. I’m sure the donkey size will be the most popular.

Noise interfered with my eavesdropping effort for a time. and when it quieted down the conversation concerned what was apparently a follow-up study involving several dozen men. No growth factor was administered in this study. A physician and a psychologist determined the penis length and sexual orientation of each subject. It was found that homosexual men’s cock are. on the average. more than a centimeter (.4″) longer than those of heterosexual men. The likely explanation for this result is that homosexual adolescents are better-endowed with penile growth factor than their heterosexual counterparts.

Surgical Methods

The penis finally emerged from the closet big time when, in 1991. news was leaked about a Florida plastic surgeon who had developed a procedure for increasing the girth of the penis through fat injections. This event signaled a watershed in the era of male sexuality. Apart from impotence. seldom, if ever, was the penis considered a socially—acceptable topic of discussion. But with the emergence of surgical enlargement, thousands of men around the world began requesting information on how they could avail themselves of this new procedure.

Within months, interest was so great that talk shows were clamoring for doctors and patients who could offer their personal insights on surgical enlargement. Now, barely a couple of years after the first patient underwent surgical enlargement, more than thirty surgeons around the world are by offering the procedure.

Although surgical enlargement first came to popular attention in 1991, it is actually much older. In the 1970s. an American surgeon (who allegedly lost his license to practice in the U.S.) opened a clinic in Tijuana. Mexico offering a cornucopia of genital enhancement operations including such iconoclastic and experimental procedures as glans enlargement. root. advancement. and silicone injections. The latter was an especially heinous undertaking. Although the increase was immediate and impressive, the material had the propensity of gravitating toward the middle of the penis. over time resulting in an unappealing donut effect. We now know the dangers associated with implanted liquid silicone. Many men who had the injections 10-20 years ago are now beginning to suffer the deleterious consequences. Some have even had the silicone surgically removed. Another drawback was that the procedure added only girth—it did nothing to lengthen the penis or increase the size of the glans. This could make the penis look completely out of proportion. Fortunately. this surgeon has now gone into retirement.

Earlier, in the 1960s. a Dr. Bihari in Egypt developed a procedure for increasing the length of the penis; Hundreds of desperate and adventurous men spent considerable sums of money to fly to Cairo and have this unorthodox procedure performed. The results were mixed. Some men alleged that their penises increased in length up to 2″ while others perceived no net gain. However, in the initial enthusiasm for this procedure soon trickled to a whisper, being tempered by the marginal results and the high cost. By the 1970s, men in increasing numbers began turning to safer, less-invasive options such as vacuum pumping, which has now become a popular sexual sport practiced by thousands of devotees around the world.

Penis Girth Enhancement

Ricardo Samitier. M.D., finally legitimized penis enlargement in 1991. Known as the plastic surgeon who popularized the fuller lip look through fat injections (a la Julia Roberts), he began toying with the possibility of increasing the girth of the penis via the same method. Practicing on cadavers, he developed a method that looked promising. but needed live subjects to test the viability of lipo transfer. Appearing on a Spanish language radio station in Miami he appealed for volunteers to try his largely untested procedure. He returned to his office hoping for a message or two. To his utter amazement. within four hours he had received over 100 calls from men desperately seeking larger penises.

After narrowing down the, list of volunteers to a dozen candidates. he brought them in one by one and performed the procedure. The results were very encouraging and virtually all of the men were ecstatic with their newly-enlarged penises. One man wrote back and said that for the first time in his married life his wife screamed in ecstasy during intercourse.

The lipo transfer (taking fat from one part of the body and implanting it elsewhere on the body) procedure is quite simple. A standard liposuction is performed on the abdomen (occasionally on the pubis. medial thigh, or buttocks) and several ounces of fat are removed. This fat is then washed and prepared before being reinjected under the skin of the penis. The results are immediate and impressive. Gains of up to 1″ (2.5 cm) or more are not uncommon.

There are drawbacks though. The procedure is expensive-costing $3.000-$4.000. and invariably a certain amount of reabsorption (usually 60-90%) will occur over time. Uneven reabsorption is also common. The specific fat preparation techniques largely deter- mine the viability of the fat cells and how much will eventually be reabsorbed. Also, frequent instances of fat cysts and fibro-fatty nodules (harmless and easily removed) have been reported. Those mm who achieve the best results are those who have only a small amount of fat injected initially. If too much is injected at one time. the fat can necrosis (die). A smaller amount of fat can more easily be vascularized by the body. The man who seeks perfection in penile girth enhancement ought to consider one or two “refills.” This naturally will add to the cost. but the cosmetic results are generally much more pleasing.

As far as I’m concerned. the lipotransfer method mentioned above is passé and out-of-date. The results are temporary, and improperly placed fat can make the penis look deformed. A more recent development in penile girth enhancement is much more permanent and aesthetically pleasing.

Known as the dermal fat graft, intact strips of fat are “harvested” from the gluteal folds (where your thigh meets your buttocks) and surgically inserted into the penis. This procedure is much more involved and can take 2-3 hours, but the end results are much better. As the Executive Director of the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons, I know virtually all of the doctors performing surgical enlargement and have had the opportunity to observe their work. Doctors who perform the older lipo transfer procedure tenaciously stand by their work, claiming that it is as good, if not better, than the dermal fat graft technique. I disagree. Many continue performing the lipo transfer technique because it is quick (an hour or less), turns a quick profit and requires less skill.

The dermal fat graft method, on the other hand. is a much more involved surgical procedure which requires great skill. Even so, there are doctors doing both procedures who do substandard work. I have seen ‘dozens of mangled penises caused by careless or unskilled surgeons who have no business enlarging penises. Frankly, there are only 3-4 surgeons that I would personally recommend to if I chose to have my penis surgically enlarged. For legal purposes. I cannot mention their names here but if you contact me via letter, I’ll be happy to provide recommendations. These are the ONLY doctors you should consider if you are seriously considering surgical penis enlargement.

Penile Lengthening

In this procedure, no actual length is created. rather, the internal portion of the penis is “advanced” or “externalized,” creating the impression of greater length. This is accomplished by resecting (cutting) a portion of the suspensory ligament which holds the penis upward during erection. A simple lesson in penile anatomy will help you understand how this procedure can add an inch or so to your penis. What you see when you view your own penis in the mirror is the external portion. which is just “the tip of the ice- berg, so to speak. Actually, another 3-4″ of the penis is located INSIDE the body. Known medically as the crux or crura, this is the root which anchors the penis to the body. This penile root actually arches upward inside the body. and by resecting the suspensory ligament, this upward curve is leveled out so that it takes a “straight shot” out of the body. A simple 2-3” transverse or curvi-linear incision in the pubic area is all that is required to expose the underlying suspensory ligament for resection. Other doctors use “Y”,“Z,” or “M”-shaped incisions. For overweight men, removal of some of the fat in the pubic area may also add to the perceived length increase of the penis.

What is absolutely paramount is to locate a board certified surgeon with extensive experience in surgical penis enlargement. Some doctors are highly skilled in this procedure while others are less experienced. One particular doctor advertises in newspaper and magazines throughout the U.S. claiming that the average man will “double in size,” gaining between 2-3”. This is sheer medical hyperbole and will never happen. This doctor, by the way, has several lawsuits filed by patients who achieved disastrous results. For this reason, I stress that the most important decision you can make is to find the right doctor.

The above is merely a glimpse into the exciting new world of surgical penile enlargement. A much more detailed look is provided in Straight talk about surgical penis enlargement by Gary Griffin. Read this book if you considering the procedure.

Mental/Visual Penis Enlargement Methods

These methods involve the use of hypnotism, auto-suggestion and the power of the mind to increase the size of the organ. Before you shake your head in disbelief know that mental power is showing great promise in the treatment of disease, depression and a number of physical conditions. In his groundbreaking book, Head First, the late Norman Cousins presents cases studies which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of visualization and auto-suggestion in bringing about spontaneous remissions in a number of terminal diseases.

Due largely to Norman Cousins’ effort a new branch of study, psychoneuroimmunology, has been introduced at UCLA’s medical school to explore the connection between the mind and the physical body. The initial results are extremely encouraging, and in many medical circles, it is believed that future treatments of disease will incorporate a combination of drug therapy and auto suggestion.

Before his death in 1991, Mr. Cousins spent a great deal of time in individual consultation with severely ill patients who were not responding to last—ditch medical efforts. These patients had lost hope and feared that death was inevitable. Cousins‘ first task was to demonstrate that these people could take control of their illness. Using a simple “hand warming” technique described in Head First he showed how they could actually raise the temperature of their hands by five degrees of more. Energized by the new-found belief that they could activate such changes in their bodies by themselves, they practiced a series of auto-suggestive healing visualizations as directed by Mr. Cousins. In many cases. remarkable spontaneous remissions occurred, which could not be explained by any other means.

Best-selling author and Ayurvedic physician Deepak Chopra. M.D. has resurrected an ancient Indian medical practice which uses the mind to reverse any disease process and restore the body to a state of bliss and perfect health. Many of his precepts are based on the power of transcendental meditation, which can allow an individual to literally take control of his mind, body, and spirit. This is how Indian swamis are able to comfortably rest on a bed of nails and perform other feats that boggle the mind. This same mental control can be used to augment body parts.

Auto suggestion

What role does auto-suggestion play in penis enlargement? In 1974, it was clearly demonstrated that such methods could be successfully used to increase the size of the breast in women. In this pioneering study, 19 volunteer female university students were selected and divided into two groups—a study group and a control group. At the beginning of the study, breast measurements (inspired and expired) were taken followed by comparative measurements at six and twelve weeks.

For the first six weeks, the subjects had a practice session in the clinic once a week. Using cassette tapes, the women were instructed to visualize a warm, wet towel over their breasts with an imaginary heat lamp providing additional warmth and stimulation. Once they were able to create the feeling of warmth in the breast tissues, they were asked to concentrate on the heartbeat, allowing the pulse to bring additional blood and cell-building materials into the breast. They were asked to practice this technique at home on a daily basis. To enhance the effect of the visualization exercises, relaxation techniques and a self—induced hypnotic trance were also implemented.

The result? At the end of 12 weeks, 28% had reached their desired breast size and wished no further enlargement. Also, 85% of the participants perceived a significant enlargement in their breasts, while 46% found it necessary to purchase larger brassieres. After twelve weeks, the average increase in bust size was 1.3″.

The preliminary report shows that through hypnosis and visual imagery, the size of an organ can be affected and, specifically in this experiment, can be enlarged.

In support of this experiment, Florida hypnotherapist Michael Stivers developed a protocol using auto-suggestion for increasing the size of the bust. In 1992, he hit the talkshow circuit with several of his female clients-all of whom asserted that they had developed larger breasts through his program. On the August 6, 1992 program of the The Maury Povich Show, Stivers outlined his program and demonstrated how his clients had gained an average of 2-4″ in bust size. He asserted that the same protocol could be applied to any part of the body.

Following the show, I contacted Mr. Stivers and asked him if he ever considered developing a parallel program for men. Coincidentally, he had just enrolled three men in an experimental penis enlargement program  using hypnosis. At the time of our conversation, one of the three (a doctor) had exhibited a verifiable increase in penis size.

In August, 1993, I contacted talented LA hypnotherapist Jim Pifer, who studied with the legendary stage hypnotist, Pat Collins. I presented the idea of developing a program for genital enlargement through autosuggestion and hypnosis. He was very amenable and spent the next several weeks developing a protocol, inviting me and another man to participate as trial subjects. After explaining his program, he invited us into his living room where we both relaxed in comfortable, cushy recliners.

As soft, ethereal music played in the background, he brought us to a deep level of relaxation and suggestibility. Then he invited u- “ mentally enter a department store, walk up to the catalog counter and flip through the pages of the catalog. This was no consumer- goods catalog, but rather a cock compendium with each page showcasing a different penis. Perusing the catalog, we were instructed to find the particular penis that appealed to us the most. Once we located the ideal organ, we were to assign it a three- digit catalog number. Then, he regressed us to the point of con- ception when the sperm cell penetrated the ovum. He had us visu- ally enter the egg and locate the particular strand of DNA where penis size is determined. With mental scissors, we snipped out our current penis genes and replaced them with the “new, improved” strand with the three digit catalog number and the picture of our ideal penis.

Once accomplished, we visualized our fetus developing with a prominent penis. As we entered the world, we watched the doctor and nurses comment on the unusually-large sized penis. Puberty and adolescence brought about an incredibly-rapid rate of genital

In his linguistic research, Gary Griiiin has uncovered 02 possible link between the length of the tongue and the length of the penis. development. resulting in a penis much larger than that of the average adult male. We could visualize our penises being the object of admiration and adulation of our peers in the locker room. At age 18, we were to picture ourselves with our catalog cocks hanging halfway down our legs—pendulously long, beercan- thick. and veiny.

Before being brought out of the hypnotic state, we were given spe- cial subliminal messages to increase the effectiveness of the pro- gram. Using clues from the new field of neurolinguistic program- ming, be incorporated specific verbal cues to use as subliminal anchors. Each time we would hear a certain word or make a certain gesture. it would reinforce the message of larger penis size. After four sessions, we were taught how to hypnotize ourselves and were instructed to perform the auto-suggestion sequence 5-10 minutes each day. To further cement the visual impact, we were instructed to take a full body picture of ourselves (nude) and paste the image (from a photograph) of our ideal penis between our legs. This would allow us to see how we would actually look with our desired organs. Each time we looked in the mirror, we were to visualize ourselves with this new penis.

Conclusion: Hypnosis and auto-suggestion may be the most promising area in true penis enlargement. The field of penis enlargement using hypnosis is still in theincipient stages. We know that it does work for enlarging the breast. so there is no reason why it can’t work on the penis. Remember, however. that such a program will take many. many months and will require diligence and persistence. Overnight results will not happen. The use of auto-suggestion in penis enlargement is wide open with possibilities and we hope to see major developments and breakthroughs in this area in the future.


No discussion on auto suggestion and genital enlargement would be complete without mention of Ray Carlton. A veteran penis enlarger. Ray started out with an average 6″ (15 cm) organ at age 20. After 10 years of pumping. he increased his length to 8″ (20 cm), but still wasn’t satisfied. Ray claims that he received a miraculous healing from a physical ailment and through meditation and study, developed an effective program for enlarging the organ.

Ray now measures an astounding 10 1/4″ (26 cm) and his photos prove that he is indeed a “horseman.” His eventual goal is 15” (38 cm) long by 8” (20 cm) around. Ray’s program consists of meditation, visual imagery, and a few other surprises.

Everything About Penis Pumps & Enlargement

Penis pumps are one of many ways you can get a larger penis. In this article we will explore all options available in penis enlargement, In the late 1960s. the author and sex counselor . Robert Chartham, developed this method in the face of much criticism and opposition. Dr. Chartham and associates set out to explore every known method of penis enlargement, no matter how ridiculous, including mechanical devices suction gadgets, herbs, creams. potions. and stretching machines. Each of these was considered, and tested for efficacy where possible. The research resulted in a complete program of penis development which, incorporated those methods which proved to have some positive effect in enlarging the penis.

The medical basis of the Chartham method centers around the physiological fact that if a body muscle is repeatedly and thoroughly used, it has a tendency to enlarge. Researchers in the Cook Islands discovered women who developed outsized clitoridae through daily manipulation. Back in 1902. Drs. White and Martin in their medical textbook, noted “uncommonly developed” penises of tremendous size among imbeciles and other congenitally defective men who were chronic and habitual masturbators.

Along this same line, researchers at Tulane University in New Orleans showed that the genitals of male rats atrophied when deprived of sexual activity. This seems to show that deliberate and repeated manipulation can encourage enlargement over a period of time. Such is the principle involved with bodybuilding, in which muscles that are exercised repeatedly with weights undergo a process known as hypertrophy. These muscles actually increase in size, strength, and endurance. Consequently, there is no reason why the penis, which is also composed of muscular and vascular tissues (although the penis is not itself a muscle, it is composed of smooth muscle and fibro-muscular tissue, according to urologist Harold Reed, M.D.), should not be capable of enlargement as well.

Since the program was first introduced in 1975, the course has been used by thousands of men in Europe, and more recently. in America. I purchased the course in 1985 and diligently following the regimen for a period of 8 months. My penis, in full erection the start of the course. measured 6 1/ ” (16 cm) in length by 5 1/2” (14 cm) in circumference. At the end of the course. my penis measured 7 1/2″ (19 cm) in length by 6 1/4″ (16 cm) in circumference, which, according to the penis size distribution curve (presented earlier), now places me in the upper 15%.

In the original instructions, it is mentioned that the Chartham method takes 100 days. I find this to be grossly misleading. Of the hundreds of readers who have followed this penis enlargement course under my supervision, permanent enlargement occurs at a much slower pace. In fact, while most mm notice temporary gains almost immediately, the permanent gains may not become apparent for six months or so. This agonizingly slow development is the single greatest reason why men abandon the course. Most men expect to see an inch magically appear over the space of six weeks. Sorry fellows, it just isn’t going to happen that quickly.

There are five sections to the program:

  • Exercises
  • Hot compresses
  • Sensation-heightening procedures
  • Penile Massage
  • Vacuum Pumps

The instructions provided below eliminate some of the steps which do not directly contribute to enlargement. To make the course easier, the steps have been pared down to three rather than the five mentioned above. The exercises must be performed every day, unless, of course, illness or injury makes this impossible. The success of each day’s progress is predicated upon the exercises conducted during previous days.

When Dr. Chartham completed the protocol for his program, he conducted a full-scale medical trail in a private clinic in Kent, England to verify its effectiveness and practicality. Physicians in this clinic recruited patients who demonstrated an interest in enlargement. Those with a chronic disease, who had non-cooperative spouses, or who had previously participated in a penis enlargement program were excluded from the study. Finally, a group of 64 men were selected. These men were divided into two groups – the study participants and the control group. The length and circumference of each participant’s penis was measured weekly by the same technician for the three month duration of the course. Of the 32 men who enrolled for the three month duration of the course, 30 completed the course. And of those 30, 28 demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement. The concluding statistics show:

  • 5% demonstrated enlargement
  • The average increase in length was 1 1/8” (2.8 cm)
  • The average increase in circumference was 1″ (2.5 cm) D The smallest increase in length was 1″ (2.5 cm)
  • The greatest increase in length was 1 1/2” (4 cm)
  • The smallest increase in circumference was 7/8” (2.2 cm) 0 The largest increase in circumference was 1 1/4” (3 cm)

Once the results were compiled, the details of the study were sent to the British Journal of Sexual Medicine, Lancet. and The British Medical Journal. Dick Richards, M.D., author of The Penis calls the Chartham method “far and away the best method of penis enlargement that I have ever encountered.”

Several points of interest emerge from this study. At the outset of the trials. 100% of the men (even those with the largest penises to begin with) expressed a desire for a larger penis. When asked whether they would prefer an increase in length or girth, 28 of the 32 opted for added length. In contrast, 16 of the 32 spouses preferred greater thickness. At the conclusion of the trial, both had their wishes fulfilled.

Now, you may look at the results and say, “Big deal. an increase of only 1″ is insignificant.” Not so. It we were to juxtapose an average penis measuring 6” (15 cm) in length by 6″ (15 cm) in circumference next to a size 7” (18 cm) x 7″ (18 cm), the difference would be astoundingly apparent. To demonstrate what a difference an inch can make, I’ve assembled a “march of cocks” at the end of the book, starting with a photograph of an average 6″ (15 cm) cock followed by a 7″ (18 cm) . 8” (20 cm). 9″ (22 cm) and a whopping horse-sized 10-incher (25 cm). Take a look and you’ll see what a difference an inch can make.

Many doctors claim that uncircumcised penises are more susceptible to cancer. Recent research shows that this is not so. Swedes (99% uncut) have lover penile cancer rates than Persian Muslims (100% circumcised). Cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors.

Recently, I was able to track down Dr. Brian “Dick” Richards at his home in Cyprus. Dr. Richards is the author of the classic book The Penis and one of the original researchers for The Chartham protocol. We’ve carried on a lively correspondence and I asked him 7 specific questions about the original trial and the results. Here is I an excerpt from his one of his letters:

The Chartham Method was in its day the best enlargement system of them all. Robert Chartham and I were friends for many years. He was not an MD but a PhD and this caused him severe problems with “The Establishment.” It was as a result of this that he and I began to collaborate. We got on very well and were delighted to work together. The trials on the method were done mostly at my clinic (as too were those on the Blakoe Ring…though another unrelated physician also did a separate test on that elsewhere).

When the Chartham Method tests were complete, we realized that the method, as it then stood, was capable of considerable further improvement, adding in the weight training, the psychological/emotional aspects, a good texture cream, etc., in a number of directions. We had already therefore given birth to the later concept of what is now known as Penatone and planned that it should swiftly supersede the original method.

At that point a number of fickle fingers of fate pointed in the wrong direction. The people who had charge of the commercial aspects of the method greedily and prematurely decided,» very much against our will and without our consent, to proceed with unscrupulous advertising and promotion using the results of the tests etc. which we were intending to expand with further trials which would incorporate our further ideas. At that stage too I was offered the opportunity of a London position which was to last some six months but which, in the event, lasted over ten years. In the meantime, Robert fell ill. He was already in his seventies and opted to go to” live in Malta for its better climate. I did not lost enthusiasm but I did lack the time and facilities for further progress at that time. As a result, although we corresponded and talked on the phone more or less monthly until his death, our Penatone Project, as we called it, never got off the ground until a few years ago. It was only then, when the prospect of a reduced work load for me and the arrival of Masculone (a live cell therapy consisting of a virilizing suppository) as a possible potentiating adjuvant, reopened the window, that I once more got started on it. Now you have the full story.

Dr. Richards mentioned that he was interested in doing a world- wide promotion for the Penatone (Chartham) program, but is looking for an honest, ethical, and talented firm to take on the job. Until such is found, the Penatone program will remain quietly underground.

The Chartham protocol

1) Hot compresses

The purpose of this step is to increase the blood circulation to the penis. This is accomplished by applying hot compresses to the organ. Fill a washbasin with comfortably hot water. Soak a couple of washcloths. Gently wring out the first one and wrap it around the penis and testicles. As it cools, replace it in the basin, remove the other washcloth, wring it out and apply it like the first one. You’ll want to do this for 5-10 minutes. At the end of this phase, the penis will appear pink, fleshy, and slightly swollen. This is the desired result. Dry off and you’re ready for step #2.

A study published in 1987 at the University of California, Berkeley, concluded that heat increases the blood flow to subcutaneous tissues by 3-4 times, and the oxygen supply is necessary to expand the corpora cavemosa (the twin spongy erectile bodies in the penis).

2) Genital Massage

In this phase, you’ll notice that we concentrate not only on the penis but on the testicles as well. The testicles are a highly responsive and erotic pair of glands that not only produce sperm cells but also manufacture the virilizing hormone, testosterone. Massaging these organs increases circulation and encourages the production of these hormones.

A) With thumb and forefinger, perform a series of “pinches” over the entire surface area of the scrotum. Do NOT pinch the testicle itself, only the sac. As you pinch a particular area, grip it firmly and pull as far out as comfortably possible. Maintain the tension and hold for a count of five, release, and let the scrotum spring back under its own elasticity. Go on to the next area and repeat. Perform this exercise 10 times over different areas of the scrotum. Total time: 2-3 minutes

B) Cup your left hand and cradle the testicles. Using the fingertips of your right hand, firmly but gently massage the testicles and the ‘ scrotal contents for 30 seconds. Switch hands and perform the same ,3 massage with the fingers of the left hand. Be careful not to apply more pressure to the testicles than you can comfortably enjoy. Total time: 1 minute

C) Now, massage the left testicle with the left hand and the right testicle with the right hand. A gentle pulling, rolling, and kneading motion will help stimulate the blood flow as well as encourage the production of essential male hormones. Total time: 1 minute.

D) Apply a liberal slathering of your favorite lubricant (cold cream, lotion, Vaseline, oil) to the shaft of the penis. Make a circle with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand and grasp the shaft at the base of the penis where it joins the body. Squeeze firmly and you ,1 will feel the trapped blood in the shaft cause the penis to swell. Release and_ repeat the some grasping and squeezing motion over different parts of the shaft. Each time, squeeze hard for 3-5 seconds, release and move on to the” next part. These squeezes force blood into the sponge-like sinuses of the corpora cavemosa. Over time, this helps enlarge these spaces, making them capable of accepting and retaining more blood. The amount of pressure you use should not cause discomfort. Total time: 1-2 minutes.

E) If your penis needs more lubrication, add it now. As above, make a circle with your thumb and forefinger and grip the shaft of the penis at the base. Applying firm and steady pressure. move your fist toward the head of your penis. Pretend you are “milking” the penis. Before your right hand reaches the end of the penis, begin the same movement with your left hand. As one hand reaches the end of the penis, it slides off and returns to repeat the same motion while the other list is still milking the shaft. Each milking stroke should take 3-4 seconds. If you perform this step correctly, you will see and feel the end of the penis swell with increased pressure as blood is forced into the spongy spaces. This is one of the most important steps of the entire program, and is performed in a “hand-over-hand” motion. Start with 20 milking motions and increase to 100-150 repetitions by the second week. Total time: 5- 10 minutes.

Note: Ideally, the penis should be semi-erect during these exercises. A rigid, fully erect penis will not respond to the exercises. Neither will a floppy, flaccid orgasm. A partial “hard-on” is what you’re aiming for. If your penis becomes erect, you can either masturbate to ejaculation, or wait until the erection subsides somewhat before resuming.

3.) Vacuum Pumping

You will need to secure a high-grade penis pump for this phase. There are seven models that I recommend for penis enlargement:

  1. VacuTech penis pump
  2. Dr. Joel Kaplan Mega pump
  3. San Francisco Pump Works penis pump
  4. Northwest Pump Works penis pump
  5. Boston Pump Works penis pump
  6. Catalog X penis pump
  7. CTC StudMaker

The first six models are available in a variety of sizes to fit any size penis. They all feature an airlock release which enables you to disconnect the pump from the penis cylinder while maintaining full vacuum. Each cylinder is anatomically flared at the top lip for comfort. A complete system runs from $95 to $130. The CTC Studmaker is more primitive in design, using a rubber gasket and coming in only three sizes, but is cheaper at only $69. It is also acceptable for the course. Electric pumps made by the above manufacturers are fine also, but should only be used by men who have had previous pumping experience. They are also more expensive at $200-$500.

How to Add an Inch in 30 Seconds

Here’s a nifty trick for creating the illusion or a longer flaccid penis. A man’s penis often appears smaller than it actually is, simply because the first inch or so of the shaft is hidden by a thick tuft of pubic hair. Following the outline of the sides of the penis, clear away this pubic hair by shaving straight up the shaft about an inch onto the pubis (shave only directly above the shaft). This will make the penis appear longer. Don’t shave to high, though, or it will appear unnatural. By merely keeping the entire shaft clear of pubic hair, you will create the illusion of a longer penis.

Conclusion: This is one of the few penis enlargement protocols that has been conducted in a scientific setting. If executed properly, most men achieve verifiable increases in size. Whereas the instructions recommend a 100 day program, Dr. Richards states that that actual results may require a much longer period of time. He recently wrote to me concerning the original trial conducted in the 1970s:

“Yes, I was very closely involved in the trials of the Chartham correctly…and it is too long ago to method. If my memory serves prove all that reliable, there were in fact three trials done. I personally did one of them. I’d have to guess it was about twenty years ago. I certainly did see the enlargements myself (though’ not ON myself as I was not a participant). The routine was that the patients were measured by me at something like two-weekly intervals. The results were published at the time but I doubt if anyone has copies. It is just remotely possible there would be a copy somewhere in my archives, though’ even that seems unlikely.

I recall that there were several other interesting factors that arose and which were later confirmed when we repeated similar but more rigorous trials of the Penatone method in the early 1980s. For example, at the start we interviewed most participants AND their wives/girlfriends. For the most part they expressed unconcern and lack of enthusiasm about penis size. However, re-interviewed later when the trials were over there was a dramatic increase in those who found penis size interesting and valuable and who declared they were pleased with the increase and then unexpected effects this produced in themselves. At the time I had my doubts about penis size relevance. This, more than anything else, dispelled the misconception.”