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Programs for Penis Enlargement

Recent independent clinical studies reported in scientific journals have demonstrated an amazing fact; significant penis enlargement can be achieved without surgery or special diet. The studies produced outstanding test results like these: all men participating in the studies achieved measurable increases in actual penis size; increases were of length and girth size; put an end […]

Penis Lengthening and Enhancement Options

For thousands of years. man has searched for those elusive herbs libido and penis and substances that can increase his potency, size. Cultures around the world claim success with various species of plants and herbs but so far none of these (to my knowledge)has the true capability of increasing the size of the penis. The […]

Mental/Visual Penis Enlargement Methods

These methods involve the use of hypnotism, auto-suggestion and the power of the mind to increase the size of the organ. Before you shake your head in disbelief know that mental power is showing great promise in the treatment of disease, depression and a number of physical conditions. In his groundbreaking book, Head First, the […]

Everything About Penis Pumps & Enlargement

Penis pumps are one of many ways you can get a larger penis. In this article we will explore all options available in penis enlargement, In the late 1960s. the author and sex counselor . Robert Chartham, developed this method in the face of much criticism and opposition. Dr. Chartham and associates set out to […]

Aphrodisiac Foods You Can Eat

Vitamin E Vitamin E is called the virility vitamin for good reason. It is essential to the production of sperm, sex hormones, and gonadotropin – a pituitary hormone that stimulates the sex glands. In male laboratory animals, an inadequate supply of vitamin E resulted in a decreased level of sex hormones and in the degeneration […]