Find The Best Penis Extender

Men have long since searched for ways to increase the size of their penis. Do they really need to search though? That question is not asked in a facetious manner nor is it asked for the purpose of casting doubt on the validity of methods for enhancing penis size.

Rather, it is asked to note there is no reason to search since an effective solution does exist and it comes in the form of a penis extender. A penis or peniles extender has the potential to increasethe size of the penis – length and thickness — can be increased. The reason for this is that a penile extender can set forth the biological response required for enhancing and expanding the size of the male organ.

Of course, to boost the likelihood of this outcome, you do not want to purchase any extender. You will want to purchase the best penile extender. Of the many models on the market, X4 Labs offers one that can credibly claim to be among the very best. But, what does the device actually do?

A Stretching Device

On the most basic of levels, a penis extender can be best described as a stretching device that seeks to enlarge the penis through providing a gentle stretch to its tissue. The consistent stretch can cause a physiological reaction leading to the sought after improvement in size.

How does this work?

A penile extender works through exploiting the concept of tissue and cellular division and replication. Basically, an extender is a device that places a ring on the base of the penis. There are two rods that extend from the ring. At the end of the two rods will be a device designed to hold the head of the penis. After the head of the penis is held in this device, the penis will be pulled away from the base and locked into position. The creates the aforementioned gentle stretch that is constantly exposed to continuous traction. The cells of the penis do feel discomfort from this. In order to alleviate the discomfort, the cells may seek to divide. This leads to the enlargement of the penis.

Biological Factors that Contribute to the Increase in Size

There are a few biological factors that contribute to the increase in the size of the penis. One of which would be the increase in the size of the chambers in the penis shaft and the other would be the stretching of the ligaments on the pubic bone. Again, it is the tension presented by the penile extender that contributes to the increase in size of the chambers and the lengthening of the ligaments.

The chambers inside the penis are what hold the blood that rushes to the penis when it becomes erect. When the chambers are filled, the penis becomes rigid and hard. If a man applies a properly designed penile extender to the penis, the resultant cellular division makes the tissue in the penis larger in size. This leads to the chambers in the penis becoming larger. That means the chambers of the penis will be able to hold more blood. If the chambers are capable of holding more blood, the length and width of the penis will increase.

As for the ligaments on the public bone, these ligaments hold the “inner penis” connected to the bone inside the body. If the inner penis can come free from the pubic bone the penis can become longer. Penis surgery serves the purpose of severing the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone. Stretching the ligaments is certainly less invasive than completely severing them. As such, a penile extender becomes a much preferred method for releasing the “hidden penis” found within the inside of the body.

Time and Patience is Required

One thing that is important to point out is the fact that time is required to experience improvements in length and width. No penile extender – not even the best one — can deliver overnight results. The continuous traction has to occur over an extended period of weeks and months in order to deliver results. Those committed to long term goals will not find a problem with this fact.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies have been performed in order to arrive at data supporting the validity of penile extender devices. The March 5, 2009 Science Daily report noted that men who wore an extender every day for a six month period experience flaccid length size improvements of up to one-third. Those conducting the study recommended an extender as a first line option when seeking to increase the size of the penis.

A Quality Extender

It is a must that any male seeking to enlarge the penis via using a penile extender device purchase the best quality product available. The reason for this should not be too difficult to ascertain. The quality, comfort, and durability of the extender will play a role in whether or not the desired results will be gained.

X4 Labs has produced one of the very best penile extenders on the market and any man hoping to achieve the greatest success possible through using a penile extender device is strongly recommended to look closer at this particular model.