Dealing With Premature Ejaculation

It’s interesting i couldn’t find any definite solutions posted on the PEGym forum despite many desperate calls “help me cure my PE” no answers like do this and that like I did and now my PE is cured – mostly its diaries of people struggling with uneven success of few minutes here and there with quite a bit of struggle to record any LASTING and SOLID cures…

The KEGEL / REVERSE KEGEL is discussed alot on PEGym but as I got it the user base cannot even decide if they help or worsen your PE and even big propagators of the technique haven’t yet said their PE is cured…

I don’t mean to sound unthankful or knock down efforts of PEGym users but I just feel hopeless that there is no definite solution to this problem despite years of studies, 100000 USD of money spent on various online manuals and treatment books, 100000 of discussion posts, 1000000 links on Google, everybody promising to fix this problem – and when you pay they tell you “you have to be aware of your arousal, boy and stop fucking when you are about to cum” wow what an advice…

I agree with the fact that watching too much porn and masturbate causes PE. You always go for the good stuff when you download/watch, the ones that turn you on, and you cum very soon. You don’t care much, but when it is time to go to bed with a real women and realize that you suffer from PE, the game is lost a long time ago.

So I would suggest hitting the problem both mentally and physically.

They say that a habit need approx. 30 days to build. So stop porn,”clean” your head from all that, do any other stuff you like and forget about porn and that you will never cure your PE. When I was suffering about PE, I searched and read almost anything, and learn anything about penis ,like I was studying for urology )

Kegels are ok to use ,but because you are anxious about this ,you might overdo any exercises and this will work as a draw back. If you want to do some exercises to help build up your pc muscles is ok,but try light. (I didn’t use any exercise to help with my PE)

Clean Your Diet

Try cleaning up your diet, and drink some water. Better lifestyle will also help.

After doing some time away from masturbating or sex, start slow again, masturbate alone but with no visual, only your mind, and try not to hurry. Build up time each time you masturbate, and then step by step add some photos first, videos last. The main think is to reprogram your penis on when to ejaculate. There are some products that look like a vagina ,that you can also use at later stages. Also you can use dry hand masturbation at first, then with some liquid, or in the bath etc. Get your penis a lot of “difficult” challenges before you hit the last one, going bed with women.

Then come the real stuff, real women ,real sex. It is a different think to play your dick solo and a different think getting inside a real wet pussy. Again start slow, take your time build up some time.

I hope you get my point. Think of it like a training program, like lifting weights. Start slow and light and then heavy stuff (you might get disappointed from time to time, that is ok, the main think is to stick to it, you’ll get through it at the end). It takes some time but consistent is the key.

Then hit the problem from the mental side. Get familiar with aft (emotional freedom techniques) and Sedona method and start clearing things out. You will be surprised how much this helps. There are many philological issues related to PE and you can clear some of your fears with these tools in my opinion. (how long will last, if my erection will stay for so long, anxious etc., you got my point)

Eventually you will reach your goal. And look back in the past and laugh about it. I talk by experience and not by reading one or two simple books out there.

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