Everything About Penis Pumps & Enlargement

Why Pumps are Beneficial for Me

Any man who suffers with erectile dysfunction knows it causes plenty of pain and embarrassment. Once you get older, prostate surgery probably can’t be avoided.

The good thing is that men can use oral medications such as Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and Viagra to temporarily correct erectile dysfunction.

Additional ED treatments exist such as other penile medications, penis injections and penile implants. However, these treatments require surgical placement. This is why many doctors recommend using penis pumps. They aren’t surgically invasive, and they don’t pose bad side effects.

Penis pump usage does the following things for your body:

  • It gives you a stronger erection when used before sex
  • When used 5 to 6 days a week, it increases your penis size
  • When used frequently, it makes your erections last longer

The Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Penis Pump

  1. They are effective- Learn how to use and pump frequently. This is the best way to get great results.
  2. They are affordable-You only have to pay for the pump itself. You won’t have recurring costs.
  3. They are not surgically invasive-There’s no need to undergo the knife to get a larger erection. This means no penile medication or insertions.
  4. They can be used with other penile treatments such as penile surgery or medications. Many men like to use a combination of treatments to correct erectile dysfunction.
  5. They can help you return to normal strength after a penile surgery. For instance, use it to naturally get an erection after prostate surgery or radiation therapy.

Are Penis Pumps Safe to Use?

Penis pumps are believed to be safer than many other erectile dysfunction treatments. Usage has a much lower risk for side effects or complications.

Water pumps are safer than air because the water creates a safer vacuum. In addition, the vacuum doesn’t suck in as hard when water is used. This ensures your comfort during the whole process. However, use it only for a few minutes each day. I try not to go over 20 minutes daily.

This answer applies to both hydro and air vacuum penis pumps. The trick is to know when to stop pumping. Some people get accustomed to the vacuum pressure sensation. When they can’t feel any more pressure, they tend to increase the pressure, and this isn’t safe.

How can you avoid this? Discipline yourself during penis pumping sessions. To get the best results, abide by all manufacturer guidelines. Avoid negative side effects at all costs.

Penis pumps exert pressure that is measured in terms of mercury inches (hg), and the safe range is between zero and five hg. Even if you don’t feel pressure, you must still only pump within this range. If you go beyond this range, it could cause edema. This means that penile tissues and lymphatic fluid are expand.

When this happens, you will get penis blisters on the outside of the penis. Internally, over pumping could lead to ruptured blood vessels. In the worst-case scenario, it could also lead to impotency.

You should never feel pain during a penis pumping session. Do not ignore any signs of pain. Stop if you experience pain and find out what is causing it.

Sometimes experienced men like to exert pressure above the recommended range. When it starts to hurt, they lower the pressure. However, this strategy is not advised for either experienced or beginning users. Although you want to achieve the best results, pain should never be a part of a successful plan.

Which is Better? Hydro or Air Vacuum Penis Pumps

It’s hard to answer this question because there are pros and cons for both types of penis pumps. An air pump isn’t messy like a water pump. It uses air and not water. It’s been in existence for numerous years. About 80 percent of users say air penis pumps are effective.

Water penis pumps haven’t been around as long as air vacuum penis pumps, but they are just as popular. It is easy to use a water penis pump on a daily basis because of brands like Bathmate and Penomet. Some men like using water based pumps because it makes the skin feel better, but others find them very uncomfortable.

In addition, Urologists are doing more studies to determine how hydro pumps work. Some actually recommend the Bathmate hydro pump because its usage provides more benefits than a regular air vacuum pump.

In terms of price, hydro pumps are more expensive than air pumps. They are also more comfortable and efficient. If you just want a regular erection, then use an air pump. But if you want to get huge permanent penis growth, then a hydro pump is perfect for you.

Basically, you have to choose whether you need a dry or wet pump. Make sure that you research tips, routines and techniques for both types of pumps. Please note that in terms of permanent results, Bathmate and Penomet are proven top sellers.