Foods To Increase Sperm Count

Foods To Increase Sperm Count

Male infertility has many root causes but majority of cases – a staggering 90 percent – involve a low sperm count. The rationale is simple: The greater the numbers of sperm trying to survive the arduous process of fertilization, the higher the chances for success especially in light of the female body’s reaction to these foreign invaders.

The good news is that men can increase the quantity of their sperm by eating certain food items in higher amounts while also sticking to a healthy diet, healthy exercise routines, and healthy lifestyle habits. Keep in mind that sperm quality and quantity reflect overall health and vice versa.


Harmful free radicals in the body destroy the sperm, thus, lessening both its quantity and quality. It then becomes important to increase antioxidant content in the body, of which one of the riches sources of antioxidants is asparagus. Its high concentration of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, makes it the perfect vegetable to increase sperm count.

Add other vegetables to the mix, too. We suggest dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens as well as broccoli, snow peas and cooked tomatoes.


This beloved yellow fruit contains high amounts of bromelain, an enzyme proven to enhance male libido and sex drive. It also contains Vitamin B-complex, which is well-known to increase stamina levels and improve blood circulation – both useful in enhancing virility and fertility.

If you want to multiply the effects of bananas, we also suggest eating other fruits like strawberries, apricots and avocados. These fruits contain high levels of micronutrients that make the body healthier.

Dark Chocolate

Not just any chocolate. Dark chocolate with minimum 60% concentrations are the best because these have low levels of preservatives, sugars and other additives while also containing high levels of L-arginine HCL. This potent amino acid doubles semen volume and sperm count as well as increases sexual pleasure through more intense orgasms.

A word of caution: Stick to just 1 or 2 ounces of dark chocolate to reap its full benefits. Since dark chocolate is high in calories, its can lead to weight gain that, in turn, may result to imbalances in the body’s testosterone and estrogen levels. Sperm motility and count will then be compromised.


Yes, garlic can cause bad breath when used excessively but it has been proven effective in increasing sperm quantity. This is because it contains high levels of allicin, which improves blood flow to the male sex organs. We suggest adding more garlic to your dishes, if and when you want to avoid chewing it raw. Even the addition of 2 cloves of garlic to your usual vegetable juice will go a long way toward increasing your sperm count.


The so-called man-root has been used for centuries in Asian countries ostensibly to improve male virility and fertility although there were also other purported benefits. Modern medicine has discovered that, indeed, ancient man had a good point in using ginseng’s medicinal properties to their advantage.

Ginseng enhances male libido, sexual performance and erections. Take oral supplements containing ginseng, if and when other forms are unavailable in your area.

Goji Berries

Yet another product of ancient medicine is goji berries. These are bright-red berries that contain powerful antioxidants useful in combating free radical damage, keeping temperature levels low in the sex organs, and generally improving overall physical stamina. All of these benefits translate to a higher sperm count.


From the Peruvians, we have the maca plant. Its potent properties include increasing semen volume, sperm motility and sperm count per ejaculation. It has even been observed that taking maca supplements increases sexual desire. These supplements should be taken according to instructions. Nonetheless, you may benefit from 1,500 to 3,000 milligram dosages per day.


There’s a good reason oysters are widely considered as aphrodisiacs in many cultures. These mollusks have potent amino acids that boost testosterone levels in men, thus, increasing their interest in sex. It must be noted that fertility doctors suggest more sex to encourage the body to produce more sperm so the more interest you have in sex, the more likely you are to increase your sperm count.

Nuts and Seeds

Go nuts for nuts and seeds! These small yet extra-tasty food items contain high levels of antioxidants, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential in stimulating sperm quality and quantity, not to mention promoting a healthier body. We suggest walnuts, almonds, Brazilian nuts and pumpkin seeds. Add these nuts and seeds to your dishes and desserts as well as just eat these as snacks on their own.

Increasing your sperm count should be a relatively easy task from now on. Eat healthy and let your sperm reap the benefits, so to speak.

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