Increase Ejaculation

Increase Ejaculation

Low sperm count and semen volume are considered one of the main culprits of male infertility. Abnormally low sperm cell counts and ejaculate volumes maybe caused by a wide variety of factors – from genetics to bad lifestyles habits . Although this is a common problem, infertility issues have always been a sensitive topic among men. So to give you some helpful information, read on and get to know simple but helpful facts about this condition and the possible options for treatment.

Unlike having a small penis size, low semen ejaculation can not only be a sign of embarrassment; it can also be a prelude to male infertility. Having a low sperm count is not a disease, however. There are actually many ways to increase ejaculation, and most of these can be done easily. By knowing the different ways and means to increase sperm count, your ejaculation problems can be eventually solved within a matter of time.

What are the Factors that Affect Sperm Volume?

There are actually a number of factors that affect the production of sperm cells and semen in men. The very first of which is the use of drugs. Drugs can greatly diminish sperm production. Studies on marijuana and cocaine have revealed that men who took any of these drugs produced an immediate but temporary decrease in ejaculate volume by 50%. Apart from the volume, the quality and the potency of the sperm cells were greatly affected as well. A detailed study on the effects of the drug showed slower sperm mobility and even a change in the genetic material carried by these sex cells.

Sperm volume can also be affected by strenuous physical activities. Intense exercise can produce an increase in temperature in the male reproductive organ, which can in turn, inhibit the production of sperm cells. Specific activities such as cycling have also been highly correlated to low ejaculate volume and altered sexual performance.

And finally, various health conditions can also lead to decreased ejaculate volume. Major illnesses such as cancer have not only led to low sperm count but to total infertility. Deformities in reproductive organs have been related to low sperm counts and ejaculate volume as well.

How can you Increase Ejaculate Volume?

Low ejaculate volume brought about by external factors such as strenuous physical exercise or bad habits can be easily remedied. One of the very things that doctors advise to patients who experience low sperm cell count is to quit smoking, drinking or taking drugs. As mentioned before, these are one of biggest factors that bring about abnormally low sperm counts and ejaculate volumes. Not only are these habits bad for men’s reproductive health but they can be deleterious to the entire body as a whole.

Drink water regularly

One of the many reasons for a low sperm count is that of dehydration. This is because the testicles are not sufficiently nourished with water and hydrogen, and as a result they dry up and function slower than usual. It is therefore recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday so that all your body systems, including your testicles, are nourished with the right nutrients that they need to function normally.

Avoid alcohol

If you’re an avid alcohol drinker, then it’s no wonder that you get to experience low sperm count from time to time. This is because alcohol affects the functions of the penis and testicles. You not only get to suffer from low sperm count, you may also face premature ejaculation and penile dysfunction too.

To help increase ejaculation, it is best that you stay away from alcohol until such time that you get to have a normal sperm count again. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, you not only resolve your ejaculation problems; you also get to maintain their functions at optimal levels for a longer period of time.

Have a healthy diet

Aside from drinking water regularly, you should also start eating a healthy diet in order to improve your ejaculation. A healthy diet consisting of fiber, protein and multivitamins can further increase ejaculation, as your body is able to utilize these nutrients which are derived from the food you eat.

Follow a prescribed exercise routine

If you are looking forward to increase ejaculation, it is also important that you exercise regularly using a routine recommended by your doctor. Aside from the usual fitness programs that boost physical strength, pelvic exercises are also recommended to help the penile muscles to function better and increase their endurance. Such exercises are also important in stimulating the testicles, making them produce more semen and finally improve your sperm count.

Stay away from stress and anxiety

It is likewise important that you maintain a happy and cheerful disposition while on the course of improving your sperm count. This is because stress highly affects your mindset especially when you think about low sperm count, and in turn you are not able to follow your diet and exercise routines effectively.

Thinking too much about your ejaculation problems should be avoided; rather you just focus on living an active lifestyle in order to improve your overall wellbeing.

Increase ejaculation with sperm pills

Aside from diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, you can also increase ejaculation by taking sperm pills. These supplements are made mostly from natural herbal substances that have been medically proven effective in boosting sperm count.

These sperm pills boost ejaculation by increasing the release of testosterone in the body, protecting the sperm from death due to antioxidant exposure, and increasing blood flow and circulation in the penis. These pills not only help increase sperm count; they are also effective in boosting semen volume.

Among the ingredients that are found in sperm pills that help to further boost ejaculation include:

It is best to take sperm pills alongside the diet and exercise routines that you are following to increase ejaculation. One of the reasons for this is that these pills amplify the effects of your routines so that you are able to enjoy better sperm volume in as early as 1-2 weeks.

It is however recommended to remain practicing a healthy lifestyle alongside regular pills intake so that you are able to enjoy a good and consistent sperm count for a longer period of time.

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