Mental/Visual Penis Enlargement Methods

These methods involve the use of hypnotism, auto-suggestion and the power of the mind to increase the size of the organ. Before you shake your head in disbelief know that mental power is showing great promise in the treatment of disease, depression and a number of physical conditions. In his groundbreaking book, Head First, the late Norman Cousins presents cases studies which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of visualization and auto-suggestion in bringing about spontaneous remissions in a number of terminal diseases.

Due largely to Norman Cousins’ effort a new branch of study, psychoneuroimmunology, has been introduced at UCLA’s medical school to explore the connection between the mind and the physical body. The initial results are extremely encouraging, and in many medical circles, it is believed that future treatments of disease will incorporate a combination of drug therapy and auto suggestion.

Before his death in 1991, Mr. Cousins spent a great deal of time in individual consultation with severely ill patients who were not responding to last—ditch medical efforts. These patients had lost hope and feared that death was inevitable. Cousins‘ first task was to demonstrate that these people could take control of their illness. Using a simple “hand warming” technique described in Head First he showed how they could actually raise the temperature of their hands by five degrees of more. Energized by the new-found belief that they could activate such changes in their bodies by themselves, they practiced a series of auto-suggestive healing visualizations as directed by Mr. Cousins. In many cases. remarkable spontaneous remissions occurred, which could not be explained by any other means.

Best-selling author and Ayurvedic physician Deepak Chopra. M.D. has resurrected an ancient Indian medical practice which uses the mind to reverse any disease process and restore the body to a state of bliss and perfect health. Many of his precepts are based on the power of transcendental meditation, which can allow an individual to literally take control of his mind, body, and spirit. This is how Indian swamis are able to comfortably rest on a bed of nails and perform other feats that boggle the mind. This same mental control can be used to augment body parts.

Auto suggestion

What role does auto-suggestion play in penis enlargement? In 1974, it was clearly demonstrated that such methods could be successfully used to increase the size of the breast in women. In this pioneering study, 19 volunteer female university students were selected and divided into two groups—a study group and a control group. At the beginning of the study, breast measurements (inspired and expired) were taken followed by comparative measurements at six and twelve weeks.

For the first six weeks, the subjects had a practice session in the clinic once a week. Using cassette tapes, the women were instructed to visualize a warm, wet towel over their breasts with an imaginary heat lamp providing additional warmth and stimulation. Once they were able to create the feeling of warmth in the breast tissues, they were asked to concentrate on the heartbeat, allowing the pulse to bring additional blood and cell-building materials into the breast. They were asked to practice this technique at home on a daily basis. To enhance the effect of the visualization exercises, relaxation techniques and a self—induced hypnotic trance were also implemented.

The result? At the end of 12 weeks, 28% had reached their desired breast size and wished no further enlargement. Also, 85% of the participants perceived a significant enlargement in their breasts, while 46% found it necessary to purchase larger brassieres. After twelve weeks, the average increase in bust size was 1.3″.

The preliminary report shows that through hypnosis and visual imagery, the size of an organ can be affected and, specifically in this experiment, can be enlarged.

In support of this experiment, Florida hypnotherapist Michael Stivers developed a protocol using auto-suggestion for increasing the size of the bust. In 1992, he hit the talkshow circuit with several of his female clients-all of whom asserted that they had developed larger breasts through his program. On the August 6, 1992 program of the The Maury Povich Show, Stivers outlined his program and demonstrated how his clients had gained an average of 2-4″ in bust size. He asserted that the same protocol could be applied to any part of the body.

Following the show, I contacted Mr. Stivers and asked him if he ever considered developing a parallel program for men. Coincidentally, he had just enrolled three men in an experimental penis enlargement program  using hypnosis. At the time of our conversation, one of the three (a doctor) had exhibited a verifiable increase in penis size.

In August, 1993, I contacted talented LA hypnotherapist Jim Pifer, who studied with the legendary stage hypnotist, Pat Collins. I presented the idea of developing a program for genital enlargement through autosuggestion and hypnosis. He was very amenable and spent the next several weeks developing a protocol, inviting me and another man to participate as trial subjects. After explaining his program, he invited us into his living room where we both relaxed in comfortable, cushy recliners.

As soft, ethereal music played in the background, he brought us to a deep level of relaxation and suggestibility. Then he invited u- “ mentally enter a department store, walk up to the catalog counter and flip through the pages of the catalog. This was no consumer- goods catalog, but rather a cock compendium with each page showcasing a different penis. Perusing the catalog, we were instructed to find the particular penis that appealed to us the most. Once we located the ideal organ, we were to assign it a three- digit catalog number. Then, he regressed us to the point of con- ception when the sperm cell penetrated the ovum. He had us visu- ally enter the egg and locate the particular strand of DNA where penis size is determined. With mental scissors, we snipped out our current penis genes and replaced them with the “new, improved” strand with the three digit catalog number and the picture of our ideal penis.

Once accomplished, we visualized our fetus developing with a prominent penis. As we entered the world, we watched the doctor and nurses comment on the unusually-large sized penis. Puberty and adolescence brought about an incredibly-rapid rate of genital

In his linguistic research, Gary Griiiin has uncovered 02 possible link between the length of the tongue and the length of the penis. development. resulting in a penis much larger than that of the average adult male. We could visualize our penises being the object of admiration and adulation of our peers in the locker room. At age 18, we were to picture ourselves with our catalog cocks hanging halfway down our legs—pendulously long, beercan- thick. and veiny.

Before being brought out of the hypnotic state, we were given spe- cial subliminal messages to increase the effectiveness of the pro- gram. Using clues from the new field of neurolinguistic program- ming, be incorporated specific verbal cues to use as subliminal anchors. Each time we would hear a certain word or make a certain gesture. it would reinforce the message of larger penis size. After four sessions, we were taught how to hypnotize ourselves and were instructed to perform the auto-suggestion sequence 5-10 minutes each day. To further cement the visual impact, we were instructed to take a full body picture of ourselves (nude) and paste the image (from a photograph) of our ideal penis between our legs. This would allow us to see how we would actually look with our desired organs. Each time we looked in the mirror, we were to visualize ourselves with this new penis.

Conclusion: Hypnosis and auto-suggestion may be the most promising area in true penis enlargement. The field of penis enlargement using hypnosis is still in theincipient stages. We know that it does work for enlarging the breast. so there is no reason why it can’t work on the penis. Remember, however. that such a program will take many. many months and will require diligence and persistence. Overnight results will not happen. The use of auto-suggestion in penis enlargement is wide open with possibilities and we hope to see major developments and breakthroughs in this area in the future.


No discussion on auto suggestion and genital enlargement would be complete without mention of Ray Carlton. A veteran penis enlarger. Ray started out with an average 6″ (15 cm) organ at age 20. After 10 years of pumping. he increased his length to 8″ (20 cm), but still wasn’t satisfied. Ray claims that he received a miraculous healing from a physical ailment and through meditation and study, developed an effective program for enlarging the organ.

Ray now measures an astounding 10 1/4″ (26 cm) and his photos prove that he is indeed a “horseman.” His eventual goal is 15” (38 cm) long by 8” (20 cm) around. Ray’s program consists of meditation, visual imagery, and a few other surprises.

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