Penis Lengthening and Enhancement Options

For thousands of years. man has searched for those elusive herbs libido and penis and substances that can increase his potency, size. Cultures around the world claim success with various species of plants and herbs but so far none of these (to my knowledge)has the true capability of increasing the size of the penis.

The ancient Hindus proposed a unique recipe for enlarging the penis, while Africans claim success with local herbs. Perhaps there exists an obscure root, leaf. or bark in the deepest recesses of the Amazonian rain forest that holds the ultimate secrets to penis enlargement. Here are a couple of candidates that deserve further research:


I received a letter from a reader in New York who detailed a fascinating trip he made to Africa a few years back. While traveling in Liberia, he noticed that medicinal herbs were sold openly in the open-air marketplace. One of these, he was told, was a special herb that was used by natives for enlarging the penis. Known as “kushumit” or “kushuit” (depending on the local dialect) the herb is crushed with mortar and pestle and steeped in billing water. It is then drunk as a tea.


Another alleged penis enlargement substance hails from Sierra Leone in West Africa. Bonbon is also sold openly on the street by herbalists. This substance consists of a crushed root which is applied topically to the penis.


This substance hails from Haiti and consists of a grease which is applied to the penis. The reader who learned of Kakau discreetly asked a couple of Haitian cab drivers in New York if they had ever heard of this substance. Both laughed sheepishly and admitted that the preparation was very common in Haiti but no further information was given.

Conclusion: It would be exciting indeed if there were a bonafide substance (either taken internally or applied topically) that could truly enlarge the male organ. We simply don’t have enough information to draw conclusions yet. Please don’t write asking where you can obtain these substances. I just don’t know. If you have any knowledge of these, or any other such substances. please let me know so that we can conduct further research.

Genetic Manipulation

Penis size, like eye color, stature, build, and skin tone, is inherited. If your father or grandfather was hung, chances are that you are also well-endowed. The key to inherited penis size is locked up in the mysteries of DNA — that complex double helix of genetically-encoded information. Long stretches of DNA are identical in all people. After all, we all have ears, feet, kidneys, and so on. But specific strands of DNA vary dramatically from one individual to another. In these strands, short sequences of “junk DNA” appear.

These areas, whose functions are still not clearly understood, repeat themselves over and over like a broken record. In these highly variable regions we are able to identify the characteristics that distinguish one person from all others on the planet—hair and eye color, nose shape, blood type, height, and yes, penis size. Each individual (save for identical twins) has a unique “junk DNA” pattern. Forensic scientists now use these DNA prints (which can be isolated from a single drop of saliva, semen, or blood) as powerful tools to connect a suspected criminal to a particular crime.

Researchers have recently embarked upon one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken by man. Through international cooperation and the use of high—speed computers, scientists intend to create a comprehensive “gene map” or “encyclopedia” of the hundreds of thousands of genes that comprise DNA. When completed sometime in the next century, scientists will be able to identify the specific genes that contribute to hereditary diseases. In addition, we will know precisely which genes make our eyes blue, our hair curly, or cause freckles.

And yes, the DNA sequence that determines penis size will also be identified and genetic engineers may be able to custom manufacture a penis to your precise order. I’m sure the donkey size will be the most popular.

Noise interfered with my eavesdropping effort for a time. and when it quieted down the conversation concerned what was apparently a follow-up study involving several dozen men. No growth factor was administered in this study. A physician and a psychologist determined the penis length and sexual orientation of each subject. It was found that homosexual men’s cock are. on the average. more than a centimeter (.4″) longer than those of heterosexual men. The likely explanation for this result is that homosexual adolescents are better-endowed with penile growth factor than their heterosexual counterparts.

Surgical Methods

The penis finally emerged from the closet big time when, in 1991. news was leaked about a Florida plastic surgeon who had developed a procedure for increasing the girth of the penis through fat injections. This event signaled a watershed in the era of male sexuality. Apart from impotence. seldom, if ever, was the penis considered a socially—acceptable topic of discussion. But with the emergence of surgical enlargement, thousands of men around the world began requesting information on how they could avail themselves of this new procedure.

Within months, interest was so great that talk shows were clamoring for doctors and patients who could offer their personal insights on surgical enlargement. Now, barely a couple of years after the first patient underwent surgical enlargement, more than thirty surgeons around the world are by offering the procedure.

Although surgical enlargement first came to popular attention in 1991, it is actually much older. In the 1970s. an American surgeon (who allegedly lost his license to practice in the U.S.) opened a clinic in Tijuana. Mexico offering a cornucopia of genital enhancement operations including such iconoclastic and experimental procedures as glans enlargement. root. advancement. and silicone injections. The latter was an especially heinous undertaking. Although the increase was immediate and impressive, the material had the propensity of gravitating toward the middle of the penis. over time resulting in an unappealing donut effect. We now know the dangers associated with implanted liquid silicone. Many men who had the injections 10-20 years ago are now beginning to suffer the deleterious consequences. Some have even had the silicone surgically removed. Another drawback was that the procedure added only girth—it did nothing to lengthen the penis or increase the size of the glans. This could make the penis look completely out of proportion. Fortunately. this surgeon has now gone into retirement.

Earlier, in the 1960s. a Dr. Bihari in Egypt developed a procedure for increasing the length of the penis; Hundreds of desperate and adventurous men spent considerable sums of money to fly to Cairo and have this unorthodox procedure performed. The results were mixed. Some men alleged that their penises increased in length up to 2″ while others perceived no net gain. However, in the initial enthusiasm for this procedure soon trickled to a whisper, being tempered by the marginal results and the high cost. By the 1970s, men in increasing numbers began turning to safer, less-invasive options such as vacuum pumping, which has now become a popular sexual sport practiced by thousands of devotees around the world.

Penis Girth Enhancement

Ricardo Samitier. M.D., finally legitimized penis enlargement in 1991. Known as the plastic surgeon who popularized the fuller lip look through fat injections (a la Julia Roberts), he began toying with the possibility of increasing the girth of the penis via the same method. Practicing on cadavers, he developed a method that looked promising. but needed live subjects to test the viability of lipo transfer. Appearing on a Spanish language radio station in Miami he appealed for volunteers to try his largely untested procedure. He returned to his office hoping for a message or two. To his utter amazement. within four hours he had received over 100 calls from men desperately seeking larger penises.

After narrowing down the, list of volunteers to a dozen candidates. he brought them in one by one and performed the procedure. The results were very encouraging and virtually all of the men were ecstatic with their newly-enlarged penises. One man wrote back and said that for the first time in his married life his wife screamed in ecstasy during intercourse.

The lipo transfer (taking fat from one part of the body and implanting it elsewhere on the body) procedure is quite simple. A standard liposuction is performed on the abdomen (occasionally on the pubis. medial thigh, or buttocks) and several ounces of fat are removed. This fat is then washed and prepared before being reinjected under the skin of the penis. The results are immediate and impressive. Gains of up to 1″ (2.5 cm) or more are not uncommon.

There are drawbacks though. The procedure is expensive-costing $3.000-$4.000. and invariably a certain amount of reabsorption (usually 60-90%) will occur over time. Uneven reabsorption is also common. The specific fat preparation techniques largely deter- mine the viability of the fat cells and how much will eventually be reabsorbed. Also, frequent instances of fat cysts and fibro-fatty nodules (harmless and easily removed) have been reported. Those mm who achieve the best results are those who have only a small amount of fat injected initially. If too much is injected at one time. the fat can necrosis (die). A smaller amount of fat can more easily be vascularized by the body. The man who seeks perfection in penile girth enhancement ought to consider one or two “refills.” This naturally will add to the cost. but the cosmetic results are generally much more pleasing.

As far as I’m concerned. the lipotransfer method mentioned above is passé and out-of-date. The results are temporary, and improperly placed fat can make the penis look deformed. A more recent development in penile girth enhancement is much more permanent and aesthetically pleasing.

Known as the dermal fat graft, intact strips of fat are “harvested” from the gluteal folds (where your thigh meets your buttocks) and surgically inserted into the penis. This procedure is much more involved and can take 2-3 hours, but the end results are much better. As the Executive Director of the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons, I know virtually all of the doctors performing surgical enlargement and have had the opportunity to observe their work. Doctors who perform the older lipo transfer procedure tenaciously stand by their work, claiming that it is as good, if not better, than the dermal fat graft technique. I disagree. Many continue performing the lipo transfer technique because it is quick (an hour or less), turns a quick profit and requires less skill.

The dermal fat graft method, on the other hand. is a much more involved surgical procedure which requires great skill. Even so, there are doctors doing both procedures who do substandard work. I have seen ‘dozens of mangled penises caused by careless or unskilled surgeons who have no business enlarging penises. Frankly, there are only 3-4 surgeons that I would personally recommend to if I chose to have my penis surgically enlarged. For legal purposes. I cannot mention their names here but if you contact me via letter, I’ll be happy to provide recommendations. These are the ONLY doctors you should consider if you are seriously considering surgical penis enlargement.

Penile Lengthening

In this procedure, no actual length is created. rather, the internal portion of the penis is “advanced” or “externalized,” creating the impression of greater length. This is accomplished by resecting (cutting) a portion of the suspensory ligament which holds the penis upward during erection. A simple lesson in penile anatomy will help you understand how this procedure can add an inch or so to your penis. What you see when you view your own penis in the mirror is the external portion. which is just “the tip of the ice- berg, so to speak. Actually, another 3-4″ of the penis is located INSIDE the body. Known medically as the crux or crura, this is the root which anchors the penis to the body. This penile root actually arches upward inside the body. and by resecting the suspensory ligament, this upward curve is leveled out so that it takes a “straight shot” out of the body. A simple 2-3” transverse or curvi-linear incision in the pubic area is all that is required to expose the underlying suspensory ligament for resection. Other doctors use “Y”,“Z,” or “M”-shaped incisions. For overweight men, removal of some of the fat in the pubic area may also add to the perceived length increase of the penis.

What is absolutely paramount is to locate a board certified surgeon with extensive experience in surgical penis enlargement. Some doctors are highly skilled in this procedure while others are less experienced. One particular doctor advertises in newspaper and magazines throughout the U.S. claiming that the average man will “double in size,” gaining between 2-3”. This is sheer medical hyperbole and will never happen. This doctor, by the way, has several lawsuits filed by patients who achieved disastrous results. For this reason, I stress that the most important decision you can make is to find the right doctor.

The above is merely a glimpse into the exciting new world of surgical penile enlargement. A much more detailed look is provided in Straight talk about surgical penis enlargement by Gary Griffin. Read this book if you considering the procedure.

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