Programs for Penis Enlargement

Recent independent clinical studies reported in scientific journals have demonstrated an amazing fact; significant penis enlargement can be achieved without surgery or special diet. The studies produced outstanding test results like these: all men participating in the studies achieved measurable increases in actual penis size; increases were of length and girth size; put an end to premature ejaculation, give you a prostate gland that will perform for you into your later years and get you ejaculating like a porn star!

In addition, other benefits were reported in the studies: increased fullness and firmness of the penis; spontaneous weight loss; smaller waistline and other positive changes such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you have ever thought that you would like to have a larger, firmer, fuller penis you owe it to yourself to learn about these easy, step-by-step methods.

There’s something very special about knowing that you look and feel your very best. There’s a special magic in moving easily, gracefully and feeling great. You will have an opportunity to explore the exciting new evidence for a new, simple method to help you achieve your personal penis development goals.

The methods described in this book can be used with complete confidence since it is a totally natural method of learning to improve your body with normal bodily processes and normal psychological processes. It maximizes your potential for change and improvement.

For years men have had two choices for penis enlargement: surgery or highly advertised gimmicks that are expensive, complicated and sometimes risky procedures and a sure road to disappointment.

Now for the first time there’s a method that’s so simple, so natural, so safe that men can use it at home and can enjoy the benefits of a larger penis and increased self-

Most people like to start a project quickly without fully understanding how it works. We suggest that you take a little time first to understand fully how this program works.

Follow the simple, relaxing, you learn by doing. The more you the more beneficial the results are make perfect and helpful procedures as practice these procedures, likely to be.

In the quest for a larger “package” millions of dollars have been spent on worthless and sometimes dangerous methods. And until now, the results have been largely disap- pointing. Penis pumps are a gimmick and have proven ineffective in increasing long term penis size. Magic “pills” are at most protein and enzyme supplements that simply fatten the whole body and at worst could be contaminated from unsterile manufacturing conditions.

The first important break through in natural penis enlargement is the role of circulation. Let’s go back in time to the period in your life when your penis was just beginning to really develop. The developmental stage in a young man’s life is a time of hectic physical, bio-chemical and emotional changes. And the demands for increased blood circulation in the developing areas of the body is at a peak. For the penis to grow and develop, proper blood circulation is vital. For it’s the blood that brings the essential chemicals and nutrients that stimulate growth.

The body selects and monitors the process of growth and circulation. If certain demands of the body are more important, those needs may be favored and the penis may be neglected. Without the right combination of nutritional and bio-chemical factors the penis may miss this unique opportunity to grow to its maximum potential.

For more than a decade scientists have been teaching people simple learning techniques for improving blood circulation to various parts of the body. These learning procedures are based on more than a decade of studies which demonstrate that individuals can learn to control blood flow, pulse ate, body temperature and many other body functions for- 1erly believed beyond human control.

Until recently, no one ever thought of applying these methods to the improvement of blood circulation to the penis area so that penis size could be increased even years after the normal developmental stage had passed.

Studies have shown that men can increase actual penis size by improving blood circulation to the penis area with simple, relaxing techniques. Consistent use of these methods produced outstanding test results.

The techniques not only increased penis size, but were effective in increasing fullness and firmness of the penis, educe premature ejaculation and in solving the problem of men who formerly had Erectile Dysfunction.

Other benefits were reported in the studies like the reduction of bulgy waistlines and a variety of positive effects n some other aspect of their lives. In one follow-up study of men who had their penis’s enlarged the men reported increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence and feeling happier in all areas of their lives including increased sexual satisfaction.

Program for Penis Enlargement

While the research studies are fascinating from an academic and scientific point of view, it is the potential of their practical application that is unique.

Fundamentally, the procedure involves basic learning processes. It is a psychological program not a medical one. To construct an effective and practical program requires expertise in psychology and an understanding of the nature of the mind/body relationship.

The issue of how the mind affects the body is one of the most fascinating problems in modern psychology. The mind/body relationship has been the focus of countless studies during the last half century. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that individuals can learn to control blood flow, pulse rate, body temperature and many other body functions.

Critical to many of these learning processes is the use of imagery, the visualization of mental pictures in a kind of play-acting scenario which performs on the movie screen of the mind. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that the subconscious mind reacts similarly to both the real experience and the visual imagery experienced in the mind alone.

An example of this is the effects of stress on an individual. The physical effects of a stressful situation, from increased secretions of hormones to other physiological responses are well known. What is interesting is that the physiological changes are produced by the particular individual’s perception of and reactions to what precipitates the stress.

Operationally, visualization utilizes the untapped potentials already in your mind — including how you think and how you imagine things will be. The process of vividly visualizing again and again and again, through the psychological learning techniques used in this book helps to tap these reserves which we already have in our own minds.

The visualizations help you to alter your internalized self-concept or your self-image. It’s this internal self-image that acts as a regulator to control your actions and activities. This regulator functions much like a thermostat to keep your performance within limited ranges. Without effective internal regulators most of us really change very little in our life- times. And that’s one reason why habits seem to be so difficult to break. We continually conform to our own internalized self-image.

For example, if we are overweight, we tend to stay overweight. And if we usually over-eat and eat the wrong kinds of foods, we tend to continue to do this. After all, that’s how we see ourselves, that’s part of our self-image. And everything that we do will be consistent with that image. Unless you change your self-image it is almost impossible to change your eating habits and to attain a permanent loss in weight. But once you have a achieved a realistic and positive self-image, you can quickly learn to do better.

Visualization works through utilizing effective learning procedures. You see, our minds exercise enormous powers over our lives. We can literally revolutionize our lives by learning to control our thinking. It has been proven time and time again that as individuals we’re literally becoming what our self-image suggests. Thoughts tend to become goals. When we recognize that our thoughts do become goals it becomes clear how easy it can be to defeat ourselves. Again you must first learn how to change your concept of yourself in order to actually change. Visual imagery through visual ‘ simulation techniques can promote that new self-concept.

However, positive thinking about your body image is not enough. That is why changing our inner motivation and our self-image can best be achieved by psychologically sound learning techniques.

It’s clear that improvements in the self-image can be of enormous benefit to any individual. The fact specific images used to increase circulation in the penis area provide the added benefit of helping to improve the self-image may be more than coincidental – they may be mutually supportive processes.

The key to self-improvement is to learn. This is vitally important since both self-image enhancement and improving circulation are concepts that do not respond readily to V conventional learning processes. The self-image often seems to be locked in and any attempts to actively change it seem to run into frequent barriers. Overcoming these barriers is a learning process that will lead to self-fulfillment

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