Spermamax is a 100% natural male enhancement product that promises to increase the volume of the sperm that is created and to enhance the sexual experience for a man. It allows you to have longer orgasms and to increase the desire and pleasure that you feel during intercourse.


Spermamax includes natural ingredients such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B-6, green tea, and Vitamin B12. Zinc is well known for increasing the motility of sperm. It also helps with helping the body maintain the necessary testosterone levels. Vitamin C has been found to increase the quickness in which a man can become erect. Other vitamins like Vitamin E that are included have been proven to help keep the body healthy which can increase performance levels. It has also been claimed that vitamin E would help with fertility levels in men. The green tea that is in this product works as a weight loss product as well a way to decrease the risk of getting cancer.

Vitamin B12 is an amazing vitamin that is responsible for increasing energy levels in the body. It helps your body synthesize the DNA and RNA in your body so you have more energy and feel more awake and ready to function through the entire day.


After a trial period we have found that Spermamax provided less than ideal improvements. There was no significant increase in the amount of sperm that was produced at climax. The sexual drive seemed to be increased slightly but not more than is possible without the product. While there are many vitamins included in this medication, most of them can be found in a typical multi vitamin. There are certainly health benefits to taking these vitamins on a regular basis and it could even help you feel less tired and more interested in sexual activity.

There are online testimonials from people that have had a positive experience using this medication. As you read through the reviews you see that for some people, this has helped them enhance their life in a sexual manner. These testimonials allow you to see what results are possible when you take Spermamax on a regular basis.

The vitamin content in this product is high. This will be helpful for someone that would like to feel better on a daily basis and that would like to have more energy on most days. These vitamins can have a positive impact on the overall healthiness of the person that is taking this product.


The results of our studies have found that this product does not live up to the claims that they advertise on their website. While the ingredients may lead to a healthier body in the long run, it will do little to no good in the sexual area.


Spermamax contains a great deal of necessary vitamins and minerals that would improve life for nearly anyone when taken on a regular basis. The claims that this product will enhance the sperm output and increase the extend the sexual experience does not seem to be warranted according to our research. This is not a product that we would recommend to someone who is interested in increasing the sperm output.