Semenax Review 2018 [UPDATED]

Does Semenax really Work? In this article, I discuss whether Semenax can boost your ejaculation. I was fortunate enough to try it.

My Semenax Story

So, you want to shoot big loads? Ever watch a porn movie ending with a glorious cumshot, and think “why can’t I do that?” I don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want to shoot a big load on their partner? It makes you feel like a man. This is how I felt every time I watched porn with my girlfriend. I was envious and had to figure it out.

If you’re like me, most guys fear they’re going to be sized up with her past exes. Will you be able to give her an experience that none of her past lovers can?

What I Learned From Porn Stars

My research led to the discovery of semen pills. They claim to give you amazing orgasms. At first, I thought it was a scam. But the more I learned, the greater it made sense. Just to be clear, these aren’t penis pills. Instead, it’s an all-natural formula of herbs and amino acids to produce longer orgasms and bigger loads.

After scouring the internet, I learned vitamins are key to getting those explosive cumshots.

So what is it that porn stars take for those big cum shots? Zinc and ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate). These are the most effective supplements for copious amounts of semen. So, after researching various over-the-counter supplements I discovered Semenax.

Semenax is an all-natural supplement formulated to boost a man’s sperm and ejaculation power. A lot of guys wish they could increase their sperm volume. However, anything from poor nutrition to bad genetics can have a negative effect on sperm production.

And with our busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to address these issues. Fortunately, there’s a solution that’s safe and effective. Taking Semenax can alleviate these problems and contribute to more powerful orgasms. With Semenax, you’ll have better sex, longer orgasms, and bigger loads!

You just take it daily allowing your body up to 120 days to start shooting monster sized loads. However, I was able to see results a lot sooner than that. In fact, it only took a couple days before I started seeing results.

What Are The Benefits?

Semenax helps with sexual health in a number of ways. For example, it can increase erection hardness. Here are some of the other benefits.

Produce More Semen

After 2 months on Semenax, my body felt like it was making semen on overdrive. Normally, I could only have sex once per day without feeling exhausted. Now I can go more than once while delivering more impressive loads. I feel like I am 10 years younger with raging with testosterone.

And speaking of testosterone, Semenax elevates your T-levels with the inclusion of L-Arginine. It’s a multivitamin specifically formulated to make you cum harder. Anyways, my sex drive also increased and I’m having more fun than ever.

Ejaculate Faster and Further

With the recommended dose of 2 pills a day I started to feel a difference on the fourth day. My semen volume was increasing and shooting farther. The more semen I produced the more I would ejaculate. It was a surprise for my girlfriend. She had no idea about these pills. I kept it a secret not to spoil the fun. It was so much fun surprising her when I came on her face!

With Semenax, I don’t have to worry. I know that when it’s time to cumI can produce the money shot every time. In fact, the first time I tried it on my girlfriend she had no idea. The only words out of her mouth were ” damn, that’s a big load”.

Orgasms are Better

The average time it takes a man to ejaculate from the moment of penetration is 5 minutes. That doesn’t really allow for pleasurable, connected and orgasmic sex. Prior to taking it me, ejaculations were quite a bit weak. My erections have grown harder and I have experienced more intense and longer orgasms with deeper pulses. It’s like my cock is working over time. When I cum now, it feels like an out of body experience and makes me numb throughout my body. It’s like an out-of-body experience.

Eliminate Sexual Performance Anxiety

One of the physiological benefits of greater orgasms is the treatment of sexual performance anxiety. Statistics show that most guys worry about how well they will perform in bed. Sex should be exciting, passionate and joyful. Not a time for worry, stress, and anxiety. However, men often see sex as some kind of goal they have to achieve to please their partner. But, this is essentially exercising your ego.  Fortunately, I was able to overcome that. But it went through that again I would definitely take Semenax prior to sex.

My Girlfriend Is Happier

While there’s a bunch of health benefits, they can also benefit your relationship and how your partner feels about you. I don’t feel stressed about having sex anymore. Instead, I feel like I can give it to her how she wants.  It makes sense, being happier about yourself will motivate you more in the bedroom. And this leads to better performance while making you satisfied. It can definitely help your relationship if sexual performance is a problem.


I recommend two capsules per day to achieve optimal results. Once in the morning and once at night. A single bottle contains 60 capsules which are a full month’s supply. You should take the product as directed to maximum results. It takes 120 days (four months) to see the full results.

6 Week Results

After 6 weeks of daily supplementation, my ejaculation had more than doubled. While I never hit the 500% claimed by Semenax it was substantially bigger than before. I felt powerful and confident during sex. It made me feel like the alpha guy men dream of as I drenched my girl in cum. My shooting power went up too. I came farther and my streams were more powerful.

I also made dietary and lifestyle changes to boost my sperm production. This included eating more foods rich in zinc, abstaining from excesses masturbation, drinking more water, and more exercise. In reality, Semenax is more than just a semen enhancer. It boosts your sexual virility and makes having sex more enjoyable for you and your partner.

More Observations

While Semenax claims you can shoot up to 500% more sperm my results were nowhere near that. However, I did experience a noticeable increase in my ejaculatory volume. Of course, individual results will vary. Not everyone has the potential for porn star sized ejaculations. Regardless, doubling your semen is still impressive. Your partner will surely notice!

Having a healthy libido keep me confident and excited in the bedroom which turns my girlfriend on even more.


It’s an all-natural herbal formula that includes vitamins and minerals. The ingredients are proven to increase sperm and sexual virility. And it’s completely safe. This is a relief for many of us. A lot of the sexual enhancers on the market are tainted with Viagra and other ED drugs.  They pose a risk to consumers if not supervised by a doctor.

Instead, the ingredients in Semenax consist of a synergistic mix all-natural herbs and minerals. Erection boosters include tribulus terrestris and epimedium sagittatum. You’ll also find Catuaba bark in the list. Other ingredients include pumpkin seed, Maca, and L-arginine. And there’s also L-Arginine which is very helpful. It contributes to erection firmness and significant sperm production. Here’s an explanation of what each one does.

Muira Puama

Proven by research studies, this herb helps repair and fix your sex drive and erectile performance. It’s also known to treat despair and gloom, in addition to nervous fatigue and weariness.

The effects of Muira Puama are similar to Yohimbe but with lighter side effects. For optimal results, consume one capsule of Muira Puama (with the strength of 500 milligrams) twice or three times daily. The morning dose should be consumed just prior to breakfast. In addition to the capsule form, it’s also available in the form of tincture.


Catuaba has long been used in traditional Brazilian medicine as an aphrodisiac and as a tonic to stimulate the central nervous system. It contains active constituents that can increase male libido, enhance sexual performance, and cure impotency.

In fact, research has shown that Catuaba bark’s three specific alkaloids boost libido in both men and women. Research also shows it enhances erectile strength by widening blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow to the penis. It also increases the brain’s sensitivity to dopamine, which makes sex more pleasurable.

Saw Palmetto

I’ve never seen a saw palmetto tree, though I am led to believe that they’re palm trees. They grow mostly in Florida and the berries have a long tradition both as food and as medicine.

The most popular use of saw palmetto today is for BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). An enlarged prostate puts pressure on the urethra, either blocking urine flow or increasing it. And BPH can be uncomfortable. Most of the studies demonstrate that it’s very effective for this purpose. A few recent ones suggest that it’s not effective in reducing BPH symptoms. Saw palmetto is also effective in helping with urinary troubles, including BPH.


L-arginine treats medical problems such as erectile dysfunction that improve with increased vasodilation. L-arginine improves the quantity and quality of semen as well. Bad nutrition habits, health problems, age, and infections can deplete the body’s supply of this amino acid.

For these reasons, it’s important to ensure appropriate intake of l- arginine to meet the increased demands. Low levels of this amino acid from diet leads to a low production of semen.

L-arginine relaxes and expands blood vessels and improves blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are notable for their affiliation with autumn. Ancient peoples didn’t make associations between the harvest season and sexual potency. But the pumpkin has emerged as one of the few autumnal food products that enhance libido.

Modern American culture may not associate pumpkins with sexual desire. But Europeans and Native American cultures have been using them to increase libido and fertility for ages.

The scent of pumpkin has also been shown to increase libido in men.


In an average man, there are about 2-3 grams of zinc in the body. Males require more zinc than females since the mineral is released when a man ejaculates. Zinc makes your cum thicker and more voluminous with a modest difference in as little as a week.

If you follow my advice you’ll be more active sexually. You should incorporate zinc into your diet to get the best results.

There’s a couple of semen supplements that contain zinc but the best ones are Semenax and Volume Pills.

Maca Root

Maca root boosts sexual stamina and strength while increasing energy. It can also elevate hormonal levels in men and women.


Lysine is an amino acid your body needs but it can’t produce it on its own. You can only get it from the foods that you ate and unfortunately, poor diets lead to lysine deficiencies. L-lysine increase production of sperm and testosterone. The more testosterone your body produces, the higher your sex drive, and the more semen you can produce.

How To Maximize Results

I want to share a few tips I learned along the way for bigger contractions and more powerful orgasms. They will dramatically increase your semen load. Being a health nut, I made lifestyle changes to boost my sexual performance. The secret I learned is to naturally increase your testosterone; a precursor to semen production.

Make Some Dietary Changes

If you want to promote healthy sperm production, then you want to include plenty of protein in your meals. That includes protein from vegetables as well as meat. Opt for meats that are good protein sources but relatively low in fat. With vegetables, make sure you add different types of legumes to your meals. Don’t overlook the impact of combining these protein-rich foods with green leafy vegetables. They provide a significant source of vitamins and minerals. Doing so will help you lose weight while the additional protein helps to promote sperm production, motility, and output.

Alcohol consumption not only lowers sperm count, it decreases ejaculate. It’s why you need to make sure your body has the proper nutrition to produce strong contractions during an orgasm.

Drink More Water

Drinking enough daily water is important since semen is a fluid. If you’re dehydrated then your ejaculation becomes thick and gooey. Whereas a hydrated individual will have a watery consistency to their cum. Drinking more water allows your body to create ejaculation fluid and increase the size of your loads. Also, reduce your alcohol intake as this can dehydrate you and interfere with your sperm production.

Join A Gym

Lifting weights directly increase testosterone production as you start to build lean muscle. And guess what, your sperm production will go up as a result of it. Being fit helps you feel better about everything you do. It contributes to a more satisfying sex life so don’t miss out!


If you want to shoot massive loads like a porn star there’s now something you can do about it.  You can increase boost your sperm by taking nutritional supplements like Semenax. I was a little skeptical the first time I tried it. But after a few weeks, I was shocked by the results.

Semenax will increase your penis hardness, help you last longer during sex, and intensify your orgasms.  This means not only does it benefit your partner, it also benefits you. You’ll be able to start experiencing completely new sexual sensations you’ve never had before.

Plus you’ll be able to experience a massive ejaculation each time that leaves your partner speechless. I love the shock on my girlfriend’s face every time I shoot a big load on her. Image what she’ll tell all her friends about you and your newfound virility! If you want to experience massive ejaculations then you’ll want to check out Semenax now!

Where To Buy

Semenax is sold exclusively through Leading Edge Health and comes with a 67-day money back guarantee. While there may be cheap imitation products, you don’t know what’s inside. And they may do more harm than good! So, if you’re serious about having the most rewarding and mind-blowing sex possible, give Semenax a try. Overall Score: A/A+

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