Does Semenax really Work? In this article, I discuss whether Semenax can really bost your sperm by up to 500% based on my tests and review.

What is Semenax?

Semenax is an all-natural supplement formulated to boost a man’s sperm and ejaculation power. A lot of guys wish they could increase the volume of their sperm production.

Anything from poor nutritional choices to issues related to genetics can have a negative effect on sperm production, fertility, and other male issue.

Taking Semenex as regularly suggested can contribute to reversing these troubling effects. Of course, individual results may vary.

How It Works

Semenax helps with male sexual health in a number of ways. In addition to the aforementioned potential to increase sperm production, the capsules in Semenax can increase erection hardness and even expand sexual stamina.

All that is required to start instituting such changes in the body would be to start using this supplement for the suggested duration of 120 days.

Helps Men Who Suffer From

  • Short unsatisfying sex — The average time it takes a man to ejaculate from the moment of penetration is 5 minutes. That doesn’t really allow for pleasurable, connected and orgasmic sex.
  • Inability to pleasure your partner — How often do you hear women complaining that a man lasts too long? Most women take 20-30 minutes of penetrative sex to reach a meaningful orgasm e. g. a vaginal, g—spot or whole—body orgasm. If you’re ejaculating too fast, you’re denying your partner of the pleasure she deserves.
  • Loss of erection — Most men lose their erection after ejaculating so penetrative sex is over. As a man grows older, it takes longer and longer after ejaculation until he can get erect again.
  • Loss of desire – A man doesn’t just lose his erection but also his passion and desire for his partner. Thus, sex usually ends or become mechanical, with the sole purpose of bringing his partner to orgasm.
  • Emotional and mental numbness – Feeling a little ‘foggy’, numb or even ‘brain dead’ after ejaculation
  •  Frustration, sadness and even depression — Some men report that they don’t just feel bad because they ejaculated too early, rather they feel frustration and even depression whenever they ejaculate, because they don’t really feel satisfied and they become aware of the futility of ejaculation.


It’s recommended that men take two capsules per day (Once in the morning and once at night) to achieve the recommended results. A single bottle contains 60 capsules with is a full month’s supply. Men are suggested to always take the product as directed in order to get the maximum benefit from using it. Again, it is suggested to use the product for 120 days (four months) to get the most out of it.

My Results

Based on customer testimonials, the amount of sperm that can be produced by taking Semenax regularly is greater than even some of the most optimistic consumer projections. Once this is realized, it is no surprise that these capsules have become as popular as they are.

Having a healthy libido through dietary supplementation like Semenax has kept me confident and excited in the bedroom which only turns my girlfriend on even more.

Ejaculate Faster and Further

With the recommended dose of 2 pills a day I started to feel a difference on the fourth day. I could tell my semen volume was starting to increase a bit more and I was able to ejaculate a bit further too. The more semen I produced the more I was able to ejaculate further and faster which was quite a bit fun. It was a surprise for my girlfriend because she had no idea I was taking these pills.

With Semenax, I don’t have to worry about getting erection and I know that when it’s time to cum she can be assured that I will finish on her with a big orgasm. In fact, the first time I tried it on my girlfriend she had no idea what I was using, The only words out of her mouth were” damn, that’s a big load” as I shot streams of thick jizz all over her face.

Orgasms are More Fun

My erections have been a littler bit harder and my orgasms feel more enjoyable and intense because I am releasing a larger load. Prior to taking it me ejaculations were quite a bit weak.


There are quite a few benefits to being able to produce larger amounts of sperm. For those men that wish to increase their fertility, having more sperm volume definitely presents many benefits. Not all of the benefits associated with an increased amount of sperm volume are physical ones.

There are psychological benefits to having enhanced and increased the amount of sperm produced. A man can feel a great deal more virile and younger thanks to such increases in sperm volume. While some may be casually dismissive of these benefits, it would be unwise to take such an attitude.

A man that feels younger and more virile will begin to act in such a way and this can have a great many personal and social benefits to it. Consider this to be an overlooked positive to taking Semenax.

lt’s not uncommon for males to have health problems

Ejaculation Disorders

The most common type of ejaculation disorder is premature ejaculation. However, there are actually three different types out there that males should watch out for. These are premature ejaculation, retarded and retrograde ejaculation.

Retarded Ejaculation – This is when ejaculation is very slow to occur, requiring lots of friction and activity in order to happen.

Premature Ejaculation – This is the one that most males suffer from. This results from an inability to control the ejaculation, resulting to release before or just a short time after penetration.

Retrograde Ejaculation – This occurs when instead of ejaculating from the tip of the penis, the semen goes back to the urethra.

The first two can be treated through proper male enhancement supplements. The third however often results from diabetes, surgeries along the bladder or the intake of some medications. Retrograde is something that should be consulted directly with experts.

Eliminate Sexual Performance Anxiety

Statistics show that most men worry about sexual performance anxiety. Sex is supposed to be exciting, passionate and joyful, not a time for worry, stress and anxiety. Men often see sex as some kind of goal they have to achieve to please their partner but this is essentially exercising your ego, it’s not really enjoyment.


Most men will wonder how exactly is it that this product can deliver on what it is promising. The answer is found in its ingredient stack. There are no processed or unnatural ingredients that comprise Semenax.

Rather, the ingredients are all-natural and comprised mostly of herbs and minerals that work in harmony and concert with the human body. Major sperm and testosterone booster such as the plant sterol Tribulus terrestris and epimedium sagittatum (aka Horny Goat Weed) are part of the stack.

You will also find the long established libido enhancer catuaba bark in the ingredient list. Other helpful male ingredients such as pumpkin seed, maca, and L-arginine are also in the mix. L-Arginine is very helpful as it can contribute to erection firmness and significant sperm production.

Muira Puama

Since this wonder drug is also known to treat despair and gloom, in addition to nervous fatigue and weariness, hence as proved by various research studies, this herb has helped to repair and fix issues associated with sex drive and erectile function.

Muira Puama is also known as the Yohimbe with slighter side effects. It is suggested that men who want to obtain the best benefits from Muira Puama, should consume one capsule of Muira Puama (with strength of 500 milligram) twice or thrice daily; the morning dose should be consumed just prior to breakfast. In addition to the capsule form, it is also available in the form of tincture.

Maca Root

It is said to give more excellent stamina, strength and continuance and expanding mental limit, and can even influence the hormonal balances of men and women. This is where the cases for improving fruitfulness become possibly the most important factor. The point when taken as a supplement, the Maca root takes a shot at the hypothalamus and pituitary organ, which is the place male and female hormones originate.

Maca is thought to direct this hormonal pathway, adjusting the body’s framework assuming that they are generating an excess of or excessively little of a certain hormone.


Catuaba has long been used in traditional Brazilian medicine as an aphrodisiac and as a tonic to stimulate the central nervous system. It was widely believed that an infusion of Catuaba bark contains active constituents that can increase male libido, enhance sexual performance and cure impotency.

In fact, recent research has shown that Catuaba bark’s three specific alkaloids boost libido in both men and women. Researches involving animal models have shown that this plant enhances erectile strength by widening blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. In addition, it has been observed to increase the brain’s sensitivity to dopamine, which makes sex more pleasurable.

Saw Palmetto

I have never seen a saw palmetto tree, though I am led to believe that they are palm trees. They grow mostly in Florida. The berries have a long tradition both as food and as medicine.

The most popular use of saw palmetto today is for BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia)”. An enlarged prostate puts pressure on the urethra, either blocking urine flow or increasing it. BPH can be uncomfortable. Most of the studies demonstrate that it is very effective for this purpose. A few recent studies suggest that it is not effective in reducing BPH symptoms. However, anecdotally, many men, including yours truly, find that saw palmetto is very effective in helping with urinary troubles, including BPH.


L-arginine is recommended to treat medical problems such as erectile dysfunction that improve with increased vasodilation. L-arginine improves the quantity and quality of semen as well. In young men, the organism maintains a correct supply of arginine on its own. However, bad nutrition habits, health problems, age, and infections can deplete the body’s supply of this amino acid.

For these reasons, it is important to ensure appropriate intake of l- arginine to meet the increased demands. Low levels of this amino acid from diet leads to a low production of semen. L-arginine relaxes and expands blood vessels (vasodilation) and consequently improves blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis.

Pumpkin Seeds

While many aphrodisiac foods are strongly associated with the verdant springtime, pumpkins are notable for their affiliation with autumn. Ancient peoples did not often make associations between the harvest season and sexual potency, but the pumpkin has emerged as one of the few autumnal food products that enhances libido.

Modern American culture may not associate pumpkins with sexual desire, but Europeans and Native American cultures have been using the pumpkin to increase libido and fertility for ages. The scent of the pumpkin has been shown to increase libido in men, while the gourd’s unique mouthfeel has long been linked to feelings of strong sexuality.


In an average man, there are about 2-3 grams of zinc in the body. Males require more zinc than females, since the mineral is released when a man ejaculates. Zinc makes your cum thicker and more voluminous with a modest difference in as little as a week.

If you follow my advice on quality nutrients and regular high-intensity kegal exercises, you will be more active sexually and, therefore, your body will require a constant quantity of this mineral.


Lysine is an amino acid your body needs but it can’t produce it on it’s own. You can only get it from the foods that you ate and unfortunately poor diets lead to lysine deficiencies. L-lysine is known to increase production of sperm and testosterone. The more testosterone your body produces the higher your sex drive and the more semen you can actually produce.

How To Maximize Results

I want to share a few tips I learned along the way that can work in conjuction with Semenax to get the biggest and most powerful orgasms while dramatically increasing your semen load.

Make Some Dietary Changes

If you want to promote healthy sperm production, you want to include plenty of protein in your meals. That includes protein from vegetables as well as meat. Opt for meats that are good protein sources but relatively low in fat. With vegetables, make sure you add different types of legumes to your meals. Don’t overlook the impact of combining these protein rich foods with green leafy vegetables that provide a significant source of vitamins and minerals. Doing so will help you lose weight while the additional protein helps to promote sperm production, motility and output.

Pace Yourself

Like all good things, sexual activity can be overdone. When it comes to the production of sperm, keep in mind your body does need a little time for the process. If you already eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein and are in good shape, it may be that you need to pace yourself a little. Try delaying sex for a couple of days and see if it makes a difference. As a bonus, pacing yourself could also make your encounters even more satisfying, leading to a much bigger finish.


As a man ages, his ability to produce sperm may diminish. This does not have to be the only result to accept. It is possible to increase spermvolume through taking the appropriate nutritional supplement steps. Among the top supplements on the market is Semenax. For those men seeking a natural solution to their concerns about sperm production, this might be the top product on the market to consider.

Where To Buy

Semenax is sold exclusively through Leading Edge Health and comes with a 67-day money back guarantee. Overall Score: A/A+

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